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Unleash Your Inner Star: Learn Western Vocals

Sing your heart out loud with FSM's musical tribe, known to develop a pool of creatively agile aspirants following an internationally benchmarked music curriculum. For your growing passion to learn western vocals, we've our new-age pedagogy backed by tools, techniques, and interactive aides to help you learn more, sing more.

At FSM, we provide a well-organized and exciting curriculum that explores the vocal styles of Western music, including pop, rock, jazz, and more. While helping students improve their vocal technique, musical ability, and stage presence, our classes also encourage them to develop their own personal musical identities.

Our team of qualified maestros from India and abroad come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to create a conducive setting for learners. The faculty supports you at every stage of the course, tracks your progress, and constantly curates novel ways to make your western vocal lessons engaging and super fun. Each student receives individual attention aimed at expanding their vocal capabilities (in terms of range, tone, and style) and providing direction in the areas of songwriting and recording.

To make comprehensive music education accessible to you, we offer offline western vocal music courses at our centers located across India in 40+ cities with online learning options for students of all backgrounds and experience levels to develop their vocal skills at their convenience.

Come, join us to explore the magic of music with a team of supremely talented experts.

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From hitting the right notes to performing an accurate sense of pitch & rhythm, our western vocal classes include a range of techniques and methods to help students master the vocal range. FSM's western signing classes are a chance for students to pursue their passions under the guidance of trained experts that helps them perform with great ease and precision.

Course Walk Through

  • The Western Singing Lessons engage students in the right anatomical parts of the vocal engine to produce appealing sounds
  • The course emphasizes the correct use of diverse techniques through our internationally benchmarked curriculum
  • Students will engage their vocal engine in three parts - The Breathing Apparatus, the Vibrating Apparatus, and the Articulatory Apparatus
  • They shall participate in stage performances and music workshops to develop confidence and sharpen their vocal skills
  • Objective of the Course

  • Our western singing lessons are designed to develop an in-depth understanding of singing styles & techniques to enhance external repertoire.
  • Students will demonstrate great artistic flair as they are introduced to a plethora of western singing lessons such as the Lip Trill, M&M, and Vowel pitching, and more.
  • The above-mentioned details are for beginner levels. We do provide courses for intermediate and advanced levels up to grade 8. All our courses are internationally benchmarked and accredited by the institutes like The Trinity College of London.

  • Offline Classes : Students must carry their course materials and other music books to the music classes.
  • Online Classes : Access to a computer with internet communication
  • Students will require a keyboard or any melodic instrument.
  • They can also use a Virtual piano or any Keyboard app. To know more call us at 18002664366
  • Basics of Music

  • Our western vocal online classes are about using the correct registers and engaging in the right anatomical parts of the vocal engine to produce appealing sounds.
  • he course emphasizes the proper use of diverse techniques through our effective online and western vocal offline classes.
  • Our western vocal curriculum includes three parts of the Vocal engine - The Breathing Apparatus, the Vibrating Apparatus, and the Articulatory Apparatus.
  • The songs have been chosen as per the technical advancements of our budding musicians.
  • Plus, we ensure that our selection of music is both engaging & challenging for every child to reap maximum benefits from their learning outcomes.
  • Student will be able to perform following topics

  • Students will master their vocal range with singing exercises such as the Lip Trill, M&M, and Vowel pitching to improve their breath endurance. They shall engage their vocal engine in three parts - The Breathing Apparatus, the Vibrating Apparatus, and the Articulatory Apparatus to develop clear and appealing sounds and sing with intonations
  • In our western vocal classes, students will be trained on voice modulation techniques, high and low-pitch sound, and a comprehensive understanding of the main parts of the Vocal engine, which will help them in building a strong foundation
  • They shall take part in group and solo music activities, workshops, and stage performances to build stage confidence
  • During our western vocal learning sessions, we will cover the different aspects of becoming a stage artist and teach our students how to modulate their voices to suit various styles as they bring more versatility to their performance pieces
  • *The above course includes beginners lessons. Students can pursue Western Vocals courses up to Grade 8 and above.
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    Sonia Malhotra

    "It was a very interactive session, and Vinay is very good at explaining music theory. I felt very much at ease."

    Jennet Prince

    "It's one of the best music-learning experiences I've ever had. I feel confident right now. "

    Mamta Mehta

    "I'm comfortable with high and low pitch, I can read the notes, and I'm learning new songs. I love my music classes!"

    Brijendra Pandey

    "Even the hardest song becomes easy with teachers who listen patiently and help me improve every day. I feel more confident and proud of learning music."

    Brijendra Pandey

    "Had a very good learning experience in a very interactive and fun music session with Vinay sir."


    Can I take the Western Vocals course online, and how do I access the online classes?

    Yes, we offer online classes for the Western Vocals course. After enrollment, you will receive access to our online learning platform, where you can attend live classes or watch pre-recorded lessons at your convenience.

    What is the duration of the beginner's Western Vocals course?

    The beginner's Western Vocals course lasts for 3 months.

    Do I need any prior experience to enroll in the intermediate-level Western Vocals course?

    Yes, students must have completed the beginner's course or have some prior experience in singing to enroll in the intermediate-level course.

    What is the duration of the advanced-level Western Vocals course?

    The advanced-level Western Vocals course lasts for 9 months.

    Can I choose my schedule for the online classes?

    No, the classes are scheduled every week as per the availability of the instructor.

    Who are the instructors for the Western Vocals classes?

    Our classes are led by India's top musicians who have expertise in Western singing.

    Is there any age limit to enroll in the Western Vocals courses?

    No, there is no age limit to enroll in the courses.

    Can I switch between different levels of the Western Vocals courses?

    Yes, you can switch between different levels of the courses based on your progress, with the approval of the instructor.

    Is there any performance opportunity provided after completion of the Western Vocals course?

    Yes, we provide performance opportunities to our students after completion of the course to showcase their skills and gain experience.