Are you considering on buying a new guitar? Check out this guide to make sure you pick the right one!

So you have decided to commit yourself to learning guitar. The next big question you are toying with is to buy a brand new guitar for yourself. And it’s a question which requires a lot of thought and effort, because after all you are planning to buy your music buddy. A buddy that will help develop your love for music and form a bond forever. To make this search easier for you we have compiled a list of 6 things that will help you choose the perfect guitar for yourself.
Acoustic or Electric
This is a very important question in the world of guitar. You will come across people who will advocate an acoustic guitar and equal number of people who will make a case for buying an electric guitar. And both these sides have valid reasons to support their choices. As a beginner guitarist you need to understand that none of the answers are wrong answers. You just have to pick one of the sides. So to pick a type of guitar you need to ask yourself what type or genre of music do you like? If you love country or folk music, then you might love playing an acoustic guitar. And if you are a metal or hard rock fan then electric guitar would prove to be a great choice. The reason why this is important is because if you pick a guitar based on the type of music you like you would be easily motivated to pick up the guitar and practice and play it often.
The Budget
Once you have chosen the type of guitar you would like to buy, the next big question is the amount you are willing to spend. The guitar you buy is going to stay with you for a very long time so do not fall for the tagline “cheap and best”. Usually the guitars that fall in this category are difficult to tune or adjust and they do not sound good. At the same time, you don’t have to spend an obscene amount of money to buy the guitar. A good quality acoustic guitar will range anywhere between 7,500 INR to 15,000 INR while an electric guitar will cost in the range of 15,000 to 25,000 INR. Just bear in mind that an acoustic guitar doesn’t require too much of investment, while an electric guitar requires an additional investment in an amplifier as well.
Don’t forget to consider the size of the guitar
The size and weight of the guitar are important factors to consider, especially if you are buying the guitar for a child. Some beginner small size guitars have shorter necks and fret boards that require less stretching to play the notes. Children find it easier to practice and play on small size guitars, while adults prefer to choose the guitar based on the venue or occasion and their comfort with the instrument. Based on these preferences one can select from a wide variety of guitars. Some size options for guitars are: Mini Guitar: Specifically designed for children, these guitars are 1/2 and 3/4th in size. Travel Guitar: Small in size, just as the name suggests these guitars are quite convenient for extensive travel. Classical or Spanish Guitar: These are small size guitars with nylon strings which produce a soothing sound. Parlor Guitar: These guitars are small in size as compared to other guitars and are currently in style due to their unique sound. Then there are relatively big size guitars such as the auditorium guitar, Dreadnought, concert etc. Keep in mind that you can always choose depending on the capacity such as arm length, finger length and hand span of the child or adult playing the instrument.
Where can you buy the guitar?
By now you know the type of guitar you want to buy and you have also sized up on the budget and the size of the guitar. Now comes the best part – Buying the guitar!!! You have 2 options here, either you buy online or you go to a local music store. For either of the options you need to conduct some research before you make the actual purchase. If you are planning for an online purchase look for an online store that has a wide variety of guitars with offers and discounts going on. Also check for their return and exchange policy, it needs to be customer friendly. If you plan to visit a retail music store go to a trustworthy and good music store that has a knowledgeable and helpful staff. As a beginner I would personally recommend you to buy a guitar in a store. Mainly because its fun and you can actually see and feel the sound of the guitar you are planning to buy. Ask as many questions as possible to the sales staff before you make the choice. Once you choose the guitar you like, take a brief moment, sit down and try playing the instrument. Feel the music with your new guitar it’s sure to give you immense pleasure. If you make a purchase at the store ask the sales person to tune the guitar.
Guitar Brands
Some trusted brands and quality guitar brands are Yamaha, Epiphone, Gibson, Java, PRS and Fender. However you don’t have to stick to the brand name for an entry level guitar. If you dig a little deeper you may find some brands that are low in price and also locally popular.
Guitar accessories
You will have to keep some money aside for accessories as well. If you are planning to buy an electric guitar you will need an amp to go along with it. Other than that some important accessories you will have to buy are capo, electric tuner, guitar case, guitar stand, strap, varigrip exerciser, effect pedals and stomp boxes. By now you have a fair knowledge of things to consider before buying a guitar. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your own research online and also ask your friends, your music teacher or anyone you know who plays a guitar. Buying a new guitar for yourself is a fun experience; we just hope to make this quest easier for you with these tips.
Happy strumming!

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