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Guitar Classes for Beginners to Professionals

Join up for exciting guitar training with top industry professionals. It is not long before you hit the stage to face the cheering crowd. Horns Up, Buddy, and take this challenge head on. Our professional classes fashioned for beginners, soon to be experts.

Come fall in love with this magical instrument that makes the backbone of Rock N Roll. It is true that there is no shortcut to success, but neither is it anything impossible with dedicated lessons on the guitar. Soon enough, you get your certification at the end of a most engaging course. We would start with basics of how to learn guitar, detailed guitar lessons, soon making you guitar pro with our fast schedule. Thank us later! We would just love to see you shine like a crazy diamond on stage!

Parents looking up the best guitar class for kids are doing just the right thing. The sooner do you introduce youngsters to our professional guitar tuition class, the faster they turn to experienced musicians. Our guitar school employs the latest knowledge in the field of music, grounded on the foundation of classic Rock. At Furtados School of Music, the guitar course provides individual attention to each student for the very best learning experience.

The Guitar is a six-stringed musical instrument which is widely popular among the youth and almost everybody has desired to play the Guitar at some point in their lives. It’s considered as one of the coolest musical instrument to learn, mostly because it is recognized as a primary instrument in blues, country, jazz, metal, pop and many forms of rock music genres. read more

Structure / Duration:

The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty. The duration of each semester is 20 weeks. Students can work towards taking an examination from renowned International boards like Trinity College, London’s Rock & Pop examinations, at the end of their course.


We provide the best in class infrastructure with each student having his own electric guitar along with a guitar effects processor. Each student is supplied the Rockstar course which includes a book and access to backing tracks. more

Performance & Opportunity:

The Rockstar Course has been designed to allow students of different instruments to play together in a band depending on their level. Similar pieces are shared across instruments and learners of guitars, drums and keyboard so they can create music together with effortless ease.

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