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Learn to Play: Unleash Your Inner Guitarist

Come fall in love with this magical stringed instrument that makes the backbone of Rock N Roll. We would start with the basics of how to learn guitar, detailed guitar lessons, and soon make you a guitar pro with our fast schedule, just to see you shine like a diamond before the cheering crowd on stage.

Pluck the strings like a pro with our extensive guitar music course! At FSM, we offer guitar courses for novel and advanced learners that range from the fundamentals to advanced studies in fingerstyle, lead guitar, and music theory. Our courses aim to teach students the fundamentals of guitar playing while simultaneously inspiring an adventurous spirit and a love for the instrument.

FSM takes pride in its diverse music faculty from India and abroad, who are trained to offer engaging and interactive guitar lessons in a conducive setting. We offer offline guitar music courses at our state-of-the-art facilities, and our online learning options enable students of all backgrounds and experience levels to develop their music skills right from their homes.

Join our FSM's musical family to scale new heights in the world of music. We're one of India's leading music schools best known for creating artists out of aspirants.

Come, be a part of our musical tribe, and soon you'll strike the right chords and realize your dream of becoming a professional guitarist.

India’s Leading Music School

Our guitar classes educate students about guitar parts and the importance of the right posture. The guitar lessons include reading western notations with linked TABS & a variety of open string and fretted note lessons followed by scales. The students shall be trained on music pieces to guide them in performance pieces. Also, basic sight reading and listening skills are a part of our holistic guitar music lessons.

Course Walk Through

  • In our guitar learning classes, students will understand parts of the instrument, right posture, develop skills to learn Treble and Bass clef with tablature and note values, and engage in workshops and composition activities with performance opportunities to build stage confidence.
  • Objective of the Course

  • In our guitar learning classes, we aim to train students to play guitar in a fun and engaging way, right from the basics.
  • The songs learned from the curriculum will help the student play external repertoire.
  • The above-mentioned details are for beginner levels. We do provide courses for intermediate and advanced levels up to grade 8. All our courses are internationally benchmarked and accredited by the institutes like The Trinity College of London.

  • Offline Classes : Students must carry their course materials and other music books to the music classes.
  • Online Classes : Access to a computer with internet communication
  • Students will require a keyboard or any melodic instrument.
  • For buying Guitar or To know more call us at 18002664366
  • Basics of music

  • 16 sessions - Our guitar classes at home will train students to focus on the open string and fretted note lessons with a few pieces from the curriculum. Based on that, students will learn to play tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, etc.
  • Students will get access to exercises and pieces from the curriculum. They shall be introduced to scales like E Natural minor, A minor pentatonic, and G Major, and will learn to play eighth notes. The songs in the book will be slightly advanced, and students shall be able to play an external repertoire of a similar level. Plus, they shall be trained to understand rhythm reading and sight reading in our private guitar lessons.
  • Apart from what is covered in 20 sessions, students shall get to learn more scales like the E minor pentatonic, G Major, and A natural minor in the best guitar lessons by FSM.
  • Student will be able to perform following topics

  • Students will learn basics of the guitar with focus on open string and fretted note lessons with a few pieces from the curriculum. Based on that, students will learn simple tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday etc.
  • Students will learn more exercises and pieces from the curriculum. They will also be introduced to scales like E Natural minor, A minor pentatonic and G Major. The students will also learn to play eighth notes. The songs in the book will be slightly advanced and the students will be able to play external repertoire of similar level. They will also understand rhythm reading and sight reading.
  • Apart from what is covered in the 20 sessions, the students will learn more scales like the E minor pentatonic, G Major and A natural minor.
  • *The above course includes beginners lessons. Students can pursue Guitar courses up to Grade 8 and above.
  • India’s Leading Music School


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    Manvendar R (Student)

    "Nice deep theoretical knowledge is given on Intervals. Will be developing a practice routine on knowing intervals. Thanks to my brilliant and super kind music teacher."

    Rejit (Student)

    "It is a great learning experience. I learned theory behind scales and where to find them on the fret board. I love my classes."

    Rohit Singh (Student)

    "Great session with Vineet. Learned about guitar and strings."

    Juhi (Student)

    "It was an interesting music class. I am definitely looking forward to getting to learn more."

    Sid (Student)

    "The session went smoothly. We practiced the last class's chords and learned two new ones with one major scale. I feel super productive and look forward to more engaging music sessions with Vineet sir."


    What types of guitar courses are available at FSM?

    At FSM, we offer basic, intermediate, and advanced-level guitar courses for students of all ages.

    What is the cost of music lessons?

    The cost of music lessons can vary depending on the mode and the type of lesson.

    Can I choose two music courses at the same time?

    Yes, you can opt for two music courses at a time. Both your classes shall be structured in a way they do not clash. Get in touch with us for more information.

    How long is a typical music lesson at FSM?

    Our range of music lessons typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. It's important to inquire about the length of lessons to ensure that they fit within your schedule.

    Do I need to bring my instrument?

    We offer instruments to practice at our music centers and aid learners in getting the best quality musical instrument at the best rates.

    What qualifications do the music teachers have?

    We've partnered with India's best maestros, who bring a wealth of expertise and carry a great professional teaching experience.

    Do I need to have any prior experience in playing the guitar to enroll in the beginner's course?

    No, the beginner's course is designed for absolute beginners with no prior experience.

    Can I bring my own guitar for the classes?

    Yes, students are encouraged to bring their own guitars for the classes. However, we also have guitars available for practice at our facilities.

    Do you provide instruments for practice during classes?

    Yes, we provide instruments for practice during classes at our learning centers. However, we recommend that you have access to your instrument at home for regular exercise. We help you get the best quality musical instruments at the best rates.

    How long does it take to complete a music course?

    The duration of a music course depends on the level of the course and the individual's learning pace. Typically, our beginner-level courses are designed for 24 to 36 sessions, while intermediate and advanced courses include 48 to 96 sessions.

    What certifications do I receive after completing a music course?

    At the end of each course, students receive an internationally benchmarked certificate of completion from our music school. Additionally, our programs are accredited by reputed institutions such as Trinity College of London, providing international recognition to our courses. And you can opt for the respective exams of these institutes as well.

    What genres of music are covered in the guitar course?

    Our guitar course covers a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, jazz, blues, and classical music.

    How many students are there in each batch for the guitar course?

    We keep the batch sizes small, with a maximum of 8-10 students per batch, to ensure personalized attention and effective learning. We also have Solo Batches.