Greetings, Guitarists! Oh don’t refrain from calling yourself a guitarist even if you have just joined your school of music. Like they say, a start is half job done. The ones who have just started learning you must strive to preserve the excitement and energy that you started learning the guitar with. The most effective way is to learn songs. This is not just a source of happiness to you but also a crowd puller that boosts your confidence. How about knowing about the songs you can absolutely play with finesse and style, even as a beginner?

    1. Summer of 69 – There is no list that is complete without this 80’s classic that till date inspires people to pick the guitar up and play. The opening riff and chord progression are fairly simple. This song is a one man show and can be played both on acoustic and electric.
    2. Knocking on Heaven’s Door – This David Bowie lyrical masterpiece is no less superior in terms of composition. There are many artists that have covered this song till date. You can pick the simplest version to cover.
    3. Rockstar – Nickelback has left a mark with many songs but this one in particular has chord progression that defines this song a true rock song. The chords are basic but still sound great.
    4. Wish You Were Here – This song is a rare gem by Pink Floyd. Ideally played on a 12 string acoustic guitar, even a 6 string will do wonders. Make sure you also cover the opening of the song that serves as the identity of this song.
    5. Leaving On a Plane – This country song by John Denver is preferred by a lot of guitar teachers across the best music institutes is a vital addition to your setlist.
    6. Hurt – This song was originally composed by Nine Inch Nails and is lyrically really powerful. This was covered later on by the Country legend, Johnny Cash on acoustic guitar and is an absolute pleasure to play.
    7. Wonderwall – A song that could instantly bring smiles on people’s faces anytime you play. Rarely you will find people who don’t know about Oasis chartbuster. Just make sure you don’t play it at the music store.
    8. Time of Your Life – Don’t underestimate the punk ever. Especially when the iconic Greenday is in the team. This sweet and salty acoustic song with subtle string section running in the background is like a fresh breeze and an instant favourite of so many who hear it for the first time.
    9. Don’t Fear The Reaper – Here’s another song that this list can’t be complete without. Barring the lead guitar solo, this fairly high tempo song by Blue Oyster Cult is fairly doable.
    10. Country Roads – John Denver is back with this acoustic track and addictive vocal melody. This song practically unites the whole crowd into a single voice.

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