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Discover the Rich Heritage of Indian Vocals

While the natural flow of the effortless exaltation of Indian melodies may come from within you, it's crucial to learn the various ways to enrich and perfect your musical skills. Would you agree? Allow us to help you there with our methodical vocal class for beginners. At our music school, we recognize the significance of theoretical knowledge and give it the utmost importance in our curriculum. The tutors work hard to impart the details into the individual vocal range of each learner following an internationally benchmarked curriculum and new-age digital tools.

FSM celebrates your passion for Indian vocals by embracing the rich and diverse Indian music traditions in our course curriculum. Our internationally approved Indian vocal music course is intertwined with traditional music concepts for well-rounded music lessons followed by internationally accredited music exams.

Develop a deep understanding and appreciation for Indian vocal art with our range of courses, including Hindustani classical music, Carnatic music, folk music, and devotional music. Our seasoned music faculty have studied with some of India's most illustrious singers to offer you world-class Indian vocal training on an array of concepts. Each student receives individual attention aimed at bettering their vocal abilities, presentation skills, and confidence on stage.

To make comprehensive music education accessible to every aspirant across India, we offer offline Indian vocal music courses at our state-of-the-art facilities. Plus, our online learning options create a welcoming and conducive setting for students of all backgrounds and experience levels to develop their vocal skills.

We're one of India's leading music schools best known for creating artists out of aspirants. Come, be a part of our musical tribe, and soon you'll strike the right note with a mellifluous voice with the help of our robust faculty and extensive curriculum.

India’s Leading Music School

Garnering global reputation for incredible teaching experience, our Indian vocal classes cover several deep breathing & breath control exercises, voice modulation & endurance, performance errors, song notation, & understanding of scales & notes. In our online singing classes India, topics like voice modulation, voice care, flexibility development, & more shall be covered.

Course Walk Through

  • The Indian vocals music classes focus on developing a strong understanding of Sur, Raag, and Taal
  • Students will be trained on breathing exercises to strengthen their vocal range, voice modulation, endurance, errors when performing, song notation, and understanding of scales and notes
  • They will participate in engaging music activities and workshops with performance opportunities to develop stage confidence
  • Objective of the Course

  • The Indian vocal aim to develop a strong understanding of sur and taal with an introduction to Alankars and Palta to develop a strong foundation of classical music
  • Introducing learners to Raags and Thaats , Prahar in music and bandish
  • The above-mentioned details are for beginner levels. We do provide courses for intermediate and advanced levels up to grade 8. All our courses are internationally benchmarked and accredited by the institutes like The Trinity College of London.

  • Offline Classes :Students must carry their course materials and other music books to the music classes.
  • Online Classes: Access to a computer with internet communication
  • Students will require a keyboard or any melodic instrument
  • They can also use a Virtual piano or any Keyboard app. To know more call us at 18002664366
  • Basics of Music

  • This course will cover several deep breathing and breath control exercises, voice modulation and endurance, errors when performing, song notation and understanding of scales and notes.
  • The topics like voice modulation, voice care, flexibility development etc will also be covered
  • Student will be able to perform following topics

  • Learning Alankars and palta in details. Exploring Lay (tempo) and understanding various type of Lay. Introduction to Raags and Thaats , Prahar in music and bandish
  • Learning various Raags and Thaats in music and understanding the importance of each Raag and its combination of notes. Mastering Bandish based on Raags and Alankars based on Raags
  • Exploring more raags and thaats and parahrs in music. Learning Popular songs based on raags. Learning more bandish/Khayal based on each Raags. Introduction of advanced level Alankar based on Raags
  • India’s Leading Music School


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    Moumita Das (Student)

    "Very motivating and patient teacher. Enjoying learning and looking forward to my Indian vocal classes."

    Sameer Tigga (Student)

    "Super engaging music sessions. Our teacher rectifies mistakes very politely and gives tips on improving every day."

    Wahida B (Student)

    "Moumita Ma'am is simply superb. She is a great motivator and encourager. I feel so confident in my first class itself."

    Richard Antony (Student)

    "Very good class, the teacher makes understand all the minute mistake I make while singing the songs and give lessons how to improve on it."


    Do I need any prior music experience to enroll in your classes?

    No, you do not need any prior experience in music to enroll in our classes. We offer beginner-level courses that are specifically designed for aspirants who are new to music.

    What is the duration of each session for the Indian Vocals course?

    Our range of music lessons typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. It's important to inquire about the length of lessons to ensure that they fit within your schedule.

    What is the cost of music lessons?

    The cost of music lessons can vary depending on the mode and the type of lesson.

    Can I choose two music courses at the same time?

    Yes, you can opt for two music courses at a time. Both your classes shall be structured in a way they do not clash. Get in touch with us for more information.

    What age groups is the Indian Vocals course suitable for?

    The Indian Vocals course is suitable for anyone aged 6 years and above.

    Do I need to bring any instrument?

    No, students do not need to bring any equipment to the classes. However, students must carry notebooks, music books, and other learning materials as instructed.

    What qualifications do the music teachers have?

    We've partnered with India's best maestros, who bring a wealth of expertise and carry a great professional teaching experience.

    Can I switch from online classes to offline classes or vice versa?

    Yes, you can switch between online and offline classes at your convenience. However, prior notice must be given to the school administration.

    Will I have opportunities to perform in public after completing the Indian Vocals course?

    Yes, we provide various performance opportunities for our students throughout the year, including concerts, recitals, and competitions.

    How long does it take to complete a music course?

    The duration of a music course depends on the level of the course and the individual's learning pace. Typically, our beginner-level courses are designed for 24 to 36 sessions, while intermediate and advanced courses include 48 to 96 sessions.

    What certifications do I receive after completing a music course?

    At the end of each course, students receive an internationally benchmarked certificate of completion from our music school. Additionally, our programs are accredited by reputed institutions such as Trinity College of London, providing international recognition to our courses. And you can opt for the respective exams of these institutes as well.