Benefits of Learning Music at Any Age

Age is just a number when it comes to learning music. Kids as young as 4 years and septuagenarians, everyone can reap the many benefits of learning music. Read along to explore!

Do you love it singing, playing, performing, or teaching? Music is one indispensable form of art that paves the way for a richer and happier life. Touted as one of the most effective hobbies to engage in, music is incredibly therapeutic and aids in the development of creative and cognitive parts of the human brain. 

There’s no age to learn, especially music! The countless benefits of music are proof enough of how effective it is for your body and mind. Kids as young as 4 years of age and adults as old as 70 years of age can step into the world of melodies. Lose your mind to the mesmerizing tunes and find solace in singing and playing sense-delighting tuneful beats. 

Music Stimulates Brain Action

  • Studies have found that no matter what age group an individual belongs to, listening to music stimulates creative and cognitive parts of the brain. It sets the brain in a happy state – instrumental in aiding dopamine release, thus making the brain proactive and ready for the day. 
  • Listening to music corresponding to a particular time or place revives the medial prefrontal cortex – the brain’s memory maker. Thus, music improves memory and improves sleep quality, reasoning abilities, and like.

Accelerates Acquisition of Skills

  • Kids engaged in musical activity have shown better and faster acquisition of verbal, communication, and/or reading skills. Music plays a pivotal role in the early brain development of children, helping them acquire strong creative and soft skills. 
  • There is a strong correlation between music learning and academic success, and the studies by Florida National University back the same. Music engages parts of the brain involved in paying attention, reasoning, and memory, thus, helping a child perform better on the academic front with improved focus. 

Music Helps Socialising

  • The love for music is common and shared by all. Senior people involved in music can form groups or cohorts with like-minded individuals. People sharing similar interests can talk more, share more and laugh a little more. You can always talk about your loved music playlist, jam together, and have a rich and fulfilling social life. 
  • Nothing can beat the old-fashioned jamming and the bond you develop along the way. You forge deeper connections with people sharing a similar love for music, and you can produce so much more music than what an individual can. 

Music Helps You Sleep, Better

  • Also called a spa for synapses, the hypnotic vibrations of music have been shown to improve sleep quality, memory and reduced stress. When you listen to the binaural beats, your brain is induced to produce relaxing chemicals that aid in better quality sleep, reduced anxiety, and improved focus. 
  • A 15-people study in Montreal reported signs of recovery from mild anxiety when people were put to listening to binaural music five times each week for a month. Thus, the importance of music in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, GAD, and other mental illness has been undeniably paramount. Thus music has the potential to relax our brain nerves and imparts a cathartic effect on the body and mind. 

A Healthy Addiction

  • Music is fun! No matter who you’re and what you do, once you immerse yourself in the relaxing and enthusiastic beats of music, there’s no coming back. It starts with a sense of achievement and gradually turns into confidence and activity you’d want to perform the whole day long. 
  • Music brings utter joy to the singer, player, and listener. Relieving yourself of all your worries, music helps you live a richer and wholesome life as you jam with your music-loving people. Everyone loves music. And there’s so much to explore.  

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