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Piano Classes for Beginners to Professionals

The enchantment of this Renaissance instrument transpires beyond time and space. Try to imagine L.V. Beethoven creating the Moonlight Sonata or J.S. Bach composing St. Matthew’s Passion! Learn to play these timeless pieces at our piano school. Our piano class for complete beginners explores the full emotional spectrum, from solemn spirituality to jovial playfulness.

The piano playing course involves dedicated practice sessions by the articulate guidance of experts. At the very heart of our piano lessons is the note-by-note attention to each student’s individual growth as an open-minded pianist. When you achieve the prestigious piano certification, your fingers are fluent like the abundant flow of a melodious stream!

Our open-mindedness allows the recognition that not all students enter the world of music for Rock N Roll. Many folks seek classical piano classes. Having recognized this, we would also like to reaffirm that even Rock music is playable by adequate piano training.

Indeed, all kinds of music adhere to the same rules of phonetic grammar that you learn at piano tuition. Pure notes are always beautiful, always soulful, on any instrument that fascinates you! Pioneering parents seeking good piano classes for their kids have come to the right place!

The Piano is an acoustic and stringed musical instrument, made immensely popular by geniuses like Chopin and Beethoven. The symphony created by this musical instrument is simply mesmerizing and breathtaking. Learning Piano from an early age helps develop a child’s ability in critical thinking and creativity, and one can take piano lessons at any age. read more

At FSM, we offer a very well rounded development covering music theory, history of music, composition, ear training and other elements. Our curriculum attempts to guide students to a mastery of several skill sets in various styles of music.

Structure / Duration:

The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty. The duration of each semester is 20 weeks. Students can work towards taking an examination from renowned International boards like Trinity College, London, at the end of their course. read more


FSM offers the best infrastructure with a mix of acoustic and digital pianos at all our centers. Individual pianos for each student is the norm whether in a group or solo environment.

Performance & Opportunity:

We want to create moments and experiences for our students, we want them to get on a stage and showcase their talent. And in our endeavor to make this happen, we present them with opportunities to participate in recitals and annual concerts.

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