Have you ever wondered how are you still able to perfectly recall a nursery rhyme or a song from your early childhood? When we say, perfectly, it is in the strictest sense perfect in all the basic parameters of the musical bit. The notes, the rhythm and other nuances that would take adults a long time to master. So now the question returns as to how were you able to do that? The answer is so simple! It was the music itself. Unlike any other activity which may make just one side of your brain function, music makes both sides work. Music takes your brain activity levels to greater heights because of its intricacy. As we listen or learn a piece of music, we’re not just registering tunes in our head, but we’re also making notes of what makes them distinguishable. The fluctuation in the pitch or the beats or even both, they all help in remembering the song. Now is it possible to take such complex information with a normal brain functionality? Certainly not. And that’s how your state of mind goes to the untouched upper limits of focus. And that’s how your childhood is now a permanent register. That’s just one part of childhood. Imagine a child listening to and playing music as a discipline in the early years of his life. Please don’t be surprised if the child excels in all the departments as a student. The following are the results of practising music from a very early age:

1. Enhanced cognitive skills:

While a child who’s not practising music may take a while to memorize a lesson from the textbook, music practising kid will effortlessly absorb it in no time. Not just that but they develop high receptivity towards aptitude related topics like general mathematics.

2. Enhanced motor skills:

Nearly all the musical instruments engage both our hands or even our limbs and our mouths if need be. Starting from the omnipresent keyboard to the cool guitar to the crowd puller drums to soothing flute, the motor skills or the right hand-left hand coordination just get better with more practice.

3. Unleashing the creative genius:

This is the most important point and must not be ignored at any cost. Studying music gets a child into the habit of thinking out of the box and there are only ways forward and never backward. Creativity is a tool that can transform any skill or knowledge into art. While we commonly perceive that creativity was used to make only great pieces of literature or music or sculpture, think again. There would be no great structures or gadgets or so many good things around. Once your child takes up music in early childhood, even if music won’t be the career choice, whatever he steps foot into, he’ll be a symbol of excellence.

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