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At our Music School, we offer a world-class music education experience that caters to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you prefer private classroom teaching at our well-equipped centers for a detailed musical understanding, online music lessons with expert instructors, or personalized instruction through home tuitions, we provide a learning environment that is designed to inspire and engage you. A K-12 curriculum, bundled with sophisticated tech solutions, will ensure a parallel learning experience that students will cherish for a lifetime. With our affiliations with prestigious institutions such as the Berklee College of Music and Trinity College, London, we thrive to bring quality and enabling world-class education that is recognized and respected globally.We turn aspirants into artists. Come, let's discover the joy of music today!


Our Courses



Join our keyboard classes where teachers host creative learning sessions to help you create tuneful notes with fingers!



Let your fingers play the music! Our maestros train you until your fingers are fluent in creating melodious tones in our piano classes.

indian vocals

Indian Vocals

Learn to capture emotions and hit the right chords in our Indian vocals classes, where experts teach you to ace Indian rhythm.

western vocals

Western Vocals

Be a part of western vocals academy, where our prolific musicians prepare your voice to create some magical melodies and learn to sing like a Rockstar.



Master the art of playing guitar with teachers who guide you to pluck the right strings in most engaging guitar classes.



Explore the enchanting tunes of strings in our ukulele classes. Create your jam out of the instrument in our engaging sessions.



Learn to play saxophone like a pro from music wizards at our saxophone academy. We train you to get versed with the instrument skillfully!



Beat it like a pro! Our music maestro trains you in our s tate-of-the-art drum school, helping you rise as an exceptional drummer.



Dreaming of being a violinist? Get trained as an expert in our violin academy music curriculum created by top music educators.


Discover our K - 12 Music Programs in Schools

Furtados School of Music (FSM) collaborates with innovative schools to offer top-quality music education and its associated benefits to their students. FSM provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions to schools seeking to integrate music education into their curriculum.

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Our Events

The Band-It Festival is another one of FSM’s brainchild which is created with a vision to promote musical talent across all the schools in the country and brings together the most talented young musicians of the generation to celebrate music. Launched in 2017, this festival has now become the biggest music inter-school competition in India, known for its unique ability to promote and showcase emerging talent in music. The festival has earned a stellar reputation for its outstanding ability to provide young musicians with a platform to showcase their talents, gain recognition, and develop their skills. Last year, over 55 bands participated in the festival, with 10 bands advancing to the Grand Finale. For everyone involved, Band-It Festival is more than just music. It's a celebration of life, laughter, joy, and music. The festival brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy the magic of music and the creativity of young talent.

Our Affiliations

Brian P.(Parent)

As a parent, I'm extremely happy with the overall music education experience that FSM has provided for my child. The school has a team of highly experienced teachers who not only focus on developing technical skills but also inspire a love for music in their students. The facilities and amenities provided are top-notch, making it a great learning environment for kids. My child has learned a lot from FSM's curriculum, and I'm impressed with their commitment to providing quality music education.

Aditi M.(Parent)

My experience with FSM has been amazing. As a parent, I was looking for a music school that could provide a holistic music education to my child. FSM has a well-structured curriculum that covers various aspects of music, including theory, composition, and performance. The teachers are patient and encouraging, and they provide personalized attention to each student.

Rajan S (Parent)

FSM has been instrumental in shaping my child's music education journey. The school's focus on developing creativity, discipline, and passion in students has been impressive. The facilities are world-class, and the teachers are highly skilled and professional. Overall, FSM provides a great learning experience for kids.

Smita P (Parent)

I highly recommend FSM to anyone looking for an overall music education experience for their children. The school's focus on multiple skills, quality of teachers, and high-class service with amenities and structures is commendable. My child has learned a lot from the school's curriculum, and we are happy with the overall progress.

Our Awards & Recognition

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What types of music lessons do you offer?

A music school may offer a wide range of lessons, such as piano, guitar, voice, drums, and more. It's important to inquire about the types of lessons available to ensure that the school offers the type of instruction you're interested in.

What is the cost of music lessons?

The cost of music lessons can vary depending on the mode and the type of lesson.

Can I choose two music courses at the same time?

Yes, you can opt for two music courses at a time. Both your classes shall be structured in a way they do not clash. Get in touch with us for more information.

How long is a typical music lesson at FSM?

Our range of music lessons typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. It's important to inquire about the length of lessons to ensure that they fit within your schedule.

Do I need to bring my instrument?

We offer instruments to practice at our music centers and aid learners in getting the best quality musical instrument at the best rates.

What qualifications do the music teachers have?

We've partnered with India's best maestros, who bring a wealth of expertise and carry a great professional teaching experience.

What instruments can I learn at your music school?

Our music school offers a range of instruments to learn, including piano, guitar, drums, violin, vocals, and more. Check our website or contact us to learn more.

Do I need any prior music experience to enroll in your classes?

No, you do not need any prior experience in music to enroll in our classes. We offer beginner-level courses that are specifically designed for aspirants who are new to music.

Do you provide instruments for practice during classes?

Yes, we provide instruments for practice during classes at our learning centers. However, we recommend that you have access to your instrument at home for regular exercise. We help you get the best quality musical instruments at the best rates.

How long does it take to complete a music course?

The duration of a music course depends on the level of the course and the individual's learning pace. Typically, our beginner-level courses are designed for 24 to 36 sessions, while intermediate and advanced courses include 48 to 96 sessions.

What certifications do I receive after completing a music course?

At the end of each course, students receive an internationally benchmarked certificate of completion from our music school. Additionally, our programs are accredited by reputed institutions such as Trinity College of London, providing international recognition to our courses. And you can opt for the respective exams of these institutes as well.