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Violin Classes for Beginners to Professionals

The strains of a violin tug directly at the heartstrings. Learn to express your musings with such a lovely instrument at Furtadoss violin school. Our violin appreciation classes connect diverse musical genres including Western & Indian classical, folk tunes, Avant-Garde pop, and even Rock N Roll. Unlike most other string instruments, violin training needs an appreciation of the ‘bow’ as an extension of your mind.

It is fascinating how by the mutual friction of a taut fabric piece with strings, such extraordinary tunes emanate. Nurturing an element of genuine wonder is vital for a good violin class for absolute beginners. This amazement of creating music essentially aides and inspires students at the violin tuition to explore music instinctively, and thereby hone their natural gifts spontaneously.

Allow us to guide us and help you with this wonderful musical journey through our methodical violin mastery course. When you are ready to receive your proud violin certification, above everything you feel confident at finally finding your own musical expressions. Let the violin learning lessons form the foundation of your lifelong love with music. Parents searching for a good violin class for their kids have come to the right place!

Violin also known as a Fiddle, is a prominent musical instrument in the Western Classical tradition. It is also a popular musical instrument in many non-western cultures like Iranian and Indian music. It's a musical instrument that radiates class, virtuosity and evokes sentiments to a deeper level. read more


Suzuki Method (Suzuki Movement) is a method of teaching music conceived and executed by Japanese violinist, Shinichi Suzuki. In this teaching method, instrumental lesson (especially violin) starts at an early age, and within a year or so these little kids with their tiny fingers start performing from memory. They are able to perform tunes such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and its variations, Lightly Row, Song of the Wind, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Come Little Children, and many other beautiful tunes. FSM offers this beautiful musical journey for age 4 and above. The students will be trained from the beginning and you will see how easily and skillfully they can do magic with this instrument. Sense, feeling and ability too can be easily educated with time and practice and without any doubt, the right environment.

Structure / Duration:

The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty and also makes you eligible for formal exams such as Trinity London. The duration of each semester is 20 weeks. read more


FSM offers the best infrastructure when it comes to violins. We provide the world’s biggest and the best-selling brands at FSM.

Performance Ability:

Recitals are held at the end of every semester and students also get an opportunity to play together after a few semesters. Opportunities for performance development include recitals and annual concerts.

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