Know The Basic Principles Of Playing Violin

“The soul is like a violin string, it makes music only when it’s stretched.” One of the most beautiful learning experiences, learning the violin unfolds a string of wonders with every contact between the bow and the bridge. A journey that never ceases to end and consistently fills your life with bouts of happiness and never-ending joy, learning the violin will allow you to quench your thirst for knowledge, as you soak in blissful experiences in the presence of maestros. An inspiration that drives you towards the pursuit of attaining excellence, it is something that will stimulate your artistic senses and leave a spark of enthusiasm in the dullest of places!  Truly a soul-searching experience, that allows you to form a meaningful relationship with yourself, as you gradually discover your passions and love for music in a creatively stimulating environment.

At Furtados School of Music, we embrace the creative needs of all our students by giving them an opportunity to gauge their true potential in the midst of like-minded individuals. As they passionately immerse themselves in their violin classes, students develop a strong sense of inclination towards music. It occupies an integral part of their lives, as they grow into affectionate individuals with an unwavering sense of commitment towards their individual growth. It positively impacts different areas of their lives, which encourages them to embrace new learning opportunities and eventually step out of their comfort zones.

As students engage with our violin classes, here is how they will blossom into ardent learners within a short period of time:

With our vision of creating enriching pedagogical experiences, we serve our students with nothing but the best of learning opportunities. A one-stop destination for every music enthusiast, we ensure that students find their own identity within the music industry, as they rekindle their love and passion for music with our experienced music educators. Truly every learner’s paradise, we present our students with a host of learning opportunities that bring them closer to their dreams and aspirations.

The violin is a versatile instrument, that orchestrates divine melodies by adding more allure to every musical performance. As you embark on a musical journey with our violin classes, here are some of the basic principles of playing the violin;

Coordination between bowing and fingering:

Playing string instruments requires immense coordination and dexterity that allows you to play with ease and precision. The development of technical skills pertaining to various bowing techniques is of prime focus for every musician. The seamless coordination of the bow and fingers makes every performance appear natural and effortless, which adds more flair and creativity to the repertoire of the violinist.

Avoid rigidity while bowing: 

If a violinist is not able to execute the bowing in the right manner, it will not produce the desired effect and create a strain on the performance. We encourage our artists to apply the right amount of pressure on the strings in order to avoid muffled or screeching sounds from the instrument. It is not something that you can master overnight. It requires consistent practice and a sense of dedication towards acquiring the desired level of musical proficiency.

Holding the violin: 

At Furtados School of Music, we introduce our students to the right techniques and exercises that enable them to play the violin with a graceful countenance. As you hold the instrument, the violin should rest on the collarbone and be supported by the left hand and the shoulder. Maintaining a relaxed posture allows every violinist to hold the instrument easily and comfortably for long periods of time.

Thus, as we inspire our young learners to achieve their musical ambitions, we also aspire to promote their overall growth and well-being. Students blossom into refined performers, which a strong passion for music that contributes to their artistic development.

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