The Joy of Music: K-12 Music Program for Schools

New-age music education's key role is ensuring students excel at the academic front, build higher cognitive competencies, develop spatial intelligence, and optimize focus and memory. Furtados School of Music is a pioneer in imparting elevated music pedagogy to schools, ensured by our SaaS-based digital music curriculum and world-class faculty.

We offer you a standardized, structured, and internationally benchmarked music curriculum supported by digital tools so your students score significantly higher and shape their creative potential. Plus, a diverse curriculum aligns your school with national standards, viz, the National Education Policy 2020 necessitates the inclusion of music education as a part of the curriculum for students.

Empower your students and music teachers with FSM's progressive grade-wise digital curriculum, robust faculty, and interactive music lab setup for immersive learning.

We're the nation's only music school to offer internationally benchmarked SaaS-based modern pedagogy intertwined with traditional music concepts, and our unrivaled music programs and partnerships with the world's leading schools stand as a testament to our sincere efforts to make holistic music education accessible.

Shake hands with pioneers of modern music pedagogy to train your students for the future. Contact us to learn more.

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Our Program Includes

Engaging Curriculum

Engaging Curriculum

Live Automatic Assessment

Live Automatic Assessment

Music Lab Setup

Music Lab Setup


Curriculum - Piano, Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals (Indian and Western)

Video led Content

Video led Content (15,000+ mins)

Trained and Certified Teachers

Trained and Certified Teachers

Student Performances

Student Performances

Music Learning Program for Schools

Options for you

School Executes

School Executes

Your Teacher (Trained by us ) executes our Music Program at your School

FSM Executes

FSM Executes

Our Teacher executes our Music Program at your School

What We Offer?

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Why Choose Us?

Musical Legacy

A 155+ years
Musical Legacy

Affiliate Partner

Affiliate Partner
Berklee College of Music & Trinity College, London

200+ Schools

200+ Schools
2,50,000+ Learners
40+ cities

Music Curriculum

Multiple awards for
Music Curriculum

2000+ Music Educators

FSM trained Community of
2000+ Music Educators

11+ Teaching Centers

11+ Teaching Centers
across the Country

The FSM Curriculum



Master playing the keyboard with our internationally benchmarked curriculum. Available for k-12 students.



Learn guitar with India's best musicians in our engaging and interactive sessions. Available for k-12 students.

indian vocals

Indian Vocals

Acquire knowledge of Sur, Taal, & Raga with our personalized and interactive Indian vocals session. Available for k-12 students.

western vocals

Western Vocals

We have a pre-structured western vocal curriculum that requires voice as your primary instrument. Available for grades 1-8.

music theory

Music Theory

We would start with basics of how to learn guitar, detailed guitar lessons, soon making you guitar pro with our fast schedule.

music is fun

Music is Fun

A pre-primary music curriculum is introduced to kids through stories and age-appropriate instruments. Available for Nursery to Senior KG.

sangeet is fun

Sangeet is Fun

Indian vocal curriculum designed with a blend of traditional Sur and Tal + modern pedagogy. Available for grades 1-8.


Excerpts from the National Education Policy 2020

“Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centered, discussion-based, flexible, and, of course, enjoyable”.

“The arts form a major medium for imparting culture. The arts - besides strengthening cultural identity, awareness, and uplifting societies - are well known to enhance cognitive and creative abilities in individuals and increase individual happiness”.

Drawbacks on not having music education in schools:

“A number of initiatives to foster languages, arts, and culture in school children have been discussed in Chapter 4, which include a greater emphasis on music, arts, and crafts throughout all levels of school . . . . a much greater flexibility in the curriculum, especially in secondary schools and in higher education, so that students can choose the ideal balance among courses for themselves to develop their own creative, artistic, cultural, and academic paths.”

“While education will play a critical role in this transformation, technology itself will play an important role in the improvement of educational processes and outcomes; thus, the relationship between technology and education at all levels is bi- directional.”

At FSM, we wholeheartedly support the government's move to take education to the next level and we are extremely happy to note that all our thoughts, planning and design are well in-sync with the NEP 2020!Our curriculum and pedagogy takes into account - experiential learning, holistic education and is very much centered around the learner. And of course, everything rides on the back of one of the most important things we believe in - making the subject extremely enjoyable for your student!

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Anisha Gaekwad -Rustomjee Cambridge International School

Rustomjee Cambridge International School has locations at Dahisar, Thane and Virar. It is regarded as one of the best schools in Mumbai for the quality of Education.Drawbacks On Not Having Music Education In Schools: Music plays a big part in the overall development of children. Any kind of music, be it singing or playing some instruments helps kids to be focused and calm. It's one of the best hobbies for a child to develop. Not having music as part of schooling is not good for the child's development as it could deprive them of so many benefits.Challenges The School May Have Faced Earlier With Music Education: With limited resources, developing a liking for music among kids is difficult. Some kids like singing, some like playing a musical instrument. Catering to all their needs becomes a challenge for school. Getting good musically educated teachers to teach is rare as music is still not treated as a good career option.How Did FSM's LearnBuddy Program Help? The LearnBuddy Program is an overall package. Kids of all ages and interests benefit from these programs. Kids who like to sing can sing, and those who like to play any musical instrument can do that as well. So there is no chance for kids to get bored. Keeping them engaged is very easy because of the interactive and fun video led teaching method. Kids always want more at the end of each lecture. That shows how interested they are in the program.

Kavita Sukhani - Seven Rivers International School

As the principal of Seven Rivers International School, I highly recommend our partnership with Furtados School of Music. We have been using their online tool, "FSM Learn Buddy" and "FSM Music is Fun" since July 2021 and it has been a huge success. The training and support provided by FSM has allowed us to provide a genuine music learning experience for our students. The music sessions are engaging and have already led to a successful music concert. We're excited to start our piano program with FSM in the next term.

WPP Organization

DPIS Bangalore

Rustomjee International School (Dahisar)

Our Affiliations


What are the benefits of Music Education in schools?

Instrument learning programs for schools provide a comprehensive and intensive workout for the brain. It light8 up the Visual, Auditory and Motor parts of the brain simultaneously which results in the overall strengthening of the brain and in turn helps students excel in so many other academic activities. Music programs for schools also help boost cognitive and non-cognitive skills in children more than twice as much as other extracurricular activities for schools like sports, theater or dance.

Why should we be interested in your music program for schools when we already have our own music teachers and curriculum?

Music education in schools needs to have a standardized curriculum bundled with effective communication. Our program is video led - interactive and enriched with animation. This ensures that students are engaged thereby ensuring effective learning. Our instrument learning programs for schools have standardized lesson delivery which ensures that the teaching quality is of a very high standard and that we deliver very definite and structured learning outcomes.

Will FSM provide teachers to conduct and execute the program in our schools?

Yes, we have 2 plans which you can avail of - 1. School Executes - where we train your teachers who teach the music program at school 2. FSM Executes - where our teachers execute the music program at school and we look after everything, end-to-end You can choose whatever works for you.

I have my own music teachers at school. Can your music program still be executed in my school?

Yes, it most definitely can. We will train your school music teacher on our program and software and will provide support through the year too.

What happens if my music teacher leaves?

If you’ve opted for the FSM Executes program, we will promptly provide you with a new teacher from our end to ensure continuity in learning. If you’ve opted for the School Executes program, you would have to find a replacement teacher. We can then train that teacher at no additional cost. However, if you need, we could also provide you with an interim replacement teacher from FSM at an additional cost.

Is video based learning an effective medium to teach an interactive subject like music?

Video based learning helps communicate the message effectively and efficiently in a classroom of many students. This ensures standardization and also helps the teacher effectively observe and correct students as they watch and play. Our exclusive midi based assessment solution can help teachers assess the student whilst they are playing simultaneously too.

Is your music program recognized by any reputed / international organization?

Yes, we are recognized by onlinemusicexams.org (Global Provider of Digital Music Exam Solutions) and our curricula have been accredited at par with the Trinity College of London and other International Music Schools.

How do we as a school keep tabs of the progress of the class?

As part of the FSM Executes program, your school will receive monthly reports from our end to keep you updated on the progress of each class.

We are a Stateboard school from a Tier 3 city, can we still opt for this program?

Absolutely yes! Music is a universal language and we would love to spread the joy of learning music in as many schools as we can. Any school, irrespective of location or geography can opt for our program. All you need to do is get in touch with us at 9833775566 or musicinschool@fsm.net.in and we will guide you through the process.

What instrument or vocal curriculums are offered in the Music Program?

The 4 four programs we offer are as follows: Piano / Keyboard teaching program for schools Guitar teaching program for schools Western vocal teaching program for schools Indian vocal teaching program for schools

Who will look after maintenance of the instruments or music lab in case of purchase?

If your school opts to purchase the instruments, your school itself will have to look after maintenance of the instruments.

Will FSM provide support for Annual Recitals and performances?

As part of the FSM Executes program, we will organize and conduct the Annual recitals or performances in coordination with the school as part of the program. Incase of the School Executes program, we can support you in organizing the recitals at an additional fee.

What is the difference between the 'School Executes' and 'FSM Executes' programs?

'School Executes' program - the school teacher executes the program and we provide our Software for use by your school. We will also take the responsibility of training your teacher and providing basic support throughout the year. If you don’t have a music teacher, we can also help you in hiring one.

'FSM Executes' program - our FSM teachers execute the whole program at your school. We will look after the teaching, learning outcomes being achieved, end-of-year recitals, ensemble playing etc. and you need not worry about anything other than watching your students rock at the end of the year.

Will you provide musical instruments?

Yes we can provide instruments - either on rent or your school can purchase them. We provide a Music Lab setup option (at an added fee) where we will assist and set-up the same for you. This can definitely be done depending on your requirements and availability of space.

What can I expect to see when the year is completed?

Just as is done with all the other extracurricular activities for schools, at the end of the year, your music students too will showcase their learning through an annual recital. This is where, as an ensemble, they will perform the various songs they’ve learned. This can be presented in a manner of your choice - as an annual musical show that parents and faculty can be a part of or in a more informal setting, eg. in the classroom.

What other performance opportunities are offered?

Outside the Music Program that we offer, we also organize India’s largest school-level music band competition - BandIt (once a year). Students from schools across the country participate in this event and your school will get access to this too. Your students can also participate in our various jam sessions that we organise through the year at various venues (across various cities in India).

Can our early years teachers effectively conduct the Preschool program?

Absolutely! The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the kids school music program where we give a lot of importance to the bond shared by a child (at that age) with their teacher. Thus the teacher is given ample support to execute the program which includes exhaustive training sessions, detailed lesson plans with explicit instructions and a support hub where they can reach out anytime they have doubts or queries.

A kids school music program (early years) already has a lot of available songs. Why should we opt for your Preschool Program?

Our PreSchool Program has been designed based on Dalcroze’s method which encourages music, movement and experiential way of learning. Each of the carefully planned lessons have cross cutting learning concepts that establish strong musical learning and support general academic learning thus enabling the child to have a holistic development. To add to that, our program is age appropriate and follows the latest international good teaching and learning practices.

What kind of additional support services do you provide?

At the end of each course, students receive an internationally benchmarked certificate of completion from our music school. Additionally, our progIn addition to the training and music school curriculum resources, we also conduct mid year reviews to understand if the curriculum is moving in the right direction. Post the review refresher training is conducted if deemed necessary. Learning communities are created to help teachers clear doubt and ensure seamless learning.rams are accredited by reputed institutions such as Trinity College of London, providing international recognition to our courses. And you can opt for the respective exams of these institutes as well.

What is Furtados School of Music's K-12 music program for schools?

Furtados School of Music's K-12 music program for schools is a comprehensive and internationally benchmarked music curriculum designed to provide standardized and structured music education to students in K-12 schools. The program is supported by digital tools and features a diverse curriculum that aligns with national standards, including the National Education Policy 2020.

What musical instruments are included in the curriculum?

The curriculum includes instruction in piano, keyboards, guitar, and vocals, covering both Indian and Western musical traditions.

Who are the teachers for the program?

The program is led by trained and certified music teachers who are part of Furtados School of Music's community of 2000+ music educators.

What is the role of digital tools in the program??

The program is supported by digital tools, which offer video-led content, live automatic assessment, and an interactive music lab setup for immersive learning.

How many schools and students have participated in the program?

Furtados School of Music's K-12 music program for schools has been implemented in over 200 schools across 40+ locations, with over 250,000 learners participating.

What sets Furtados School of Music apart from other music education programs?

Furtados School of Music is the nation's only music school to offer internationally benchmarked SaaS-based modern pedagogy, intertwined with traditional music concepts. The school's partnerships with leading music institutions, such as Berklee College of Music and Trinity College, London, and multiple awards for their music curriculum, set them apart from other music education programs.

How can schools participate in the program?

Schools can choose between two options: they can either execute the program with their own trained teacher, or Furtados School of Music can provide a teacher to execute the program at the school.

How can interested schools learn more about the program?

Interested schools can contact the Furtados School of Music to learn more about the program and discuss options for implementation.

Why is music education important for students?

Music education can help students develop essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving and improve their memory, language, and communication abilities. It can also contribute to students' social and emotional well-being and help them develop a lifelong love and appreciation for music.

What are the benefits of using digital tools in music education?

Digital tools can enhance music education by providing students with a more engaging and interactive learning experience. They can also make it easier for teachers to assess students' progress, offer personalized instruction, and provide feedback. Additionally, digital tools can enable students to collaborate with each other and participate in virtual performances.

How can schools integrate music education into their curriculum?

Schools can integrate music education into their curriculum by offering music classes or incorporating music into other subjects such as language arts, history, or science. They can also provide opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular music programs or performances.

What resources are available to support music education in schools?

There are many resources available to support music education in schools, including online music curricula, professional development opportunities for music teachers, grants and funding for music programs, and partnerships with local music organizations or universities. Additionally, many music publishers offer resources such as sheet music, recordings, and educational materials that can be used in the classroom.

What is Furtados School of Music's K-12 music program for schools?

Furtados School of Music's K-12 music program for schools is a comprehensive and internationally benchmarked music curriculum designed to provide standardized and structured music education to students in K-12 schools. The program is supported by digital tools and features a diverse curriculum that aligns with national standards, including the National Education Policy 2020.

What musical instruments are included in the curriculum?

The curriculum includes instruction in piano, keyboards, guitar, and vocals, covering both Indian and Western musical traditions.