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Drums Classes for Beginners to Professionals

Is the passion of rhythm booms irresistible for you? There, you know you need drum lessons! Who are you opting for our Rocking drum class for beginners? Keith Moon once said that he had been a ‘mental drummer’ even before he had a proper set!

Our drum-heavy tuition teaches you more than just the technical stuff. Own the best seat between the bassist and the lead guitar. This drum school sets you to become the very heartbeat of the show. The disciplined drum training teaches you to keep up the tempo and to set the cue when the song's mood is shifting.

Getting the drum certification is no ordinary feat! It literally requires muscle power, and a heavy-duty ability to multitask, not only with both hands but with both feet as well! Adept multi-tasking may even inspire you to sing along about a mystical California hotel! This Rockstar drum course gets you ready!

Do relax as the drum learning classes are for forever. We always have the Rock spirit in our drum heartbeats. There is no question of leaving Rock N Roll ever! For introducing youngsters to drum classes for their kids, you have come to the right pace!

Are you so passionate about rhythm that you find yourself dreaming of holding two sticks in your hands, beating away at surfaces loud and bold and having musicians and fans move to your groove? Then, the Drum Kit is for you. read more


The curriculum designed for Drums is very student friendly. We give a great emphasis on music fundamental and essential drum technique which enables the students to start practicing on drums right from the first day of teaching.

Structure / Duration:

The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty. The duration of each semester is 20 weeks. Students can work towards taking an examination from renowned International boards like Trinity College, London’s Rock & Pop examinations, at the end of their course.


We provide the best in class infrastructure with each student having his instrument. read more

Performance Opportunities:

The Rockstar Course has been designed to allow students of different instruments to play together in a band depending on their level. Similar pieces are shared across instruments and learners of drums, guitars and keyboard so they can create music together with effortless ease.

Book a demo and Start learning!

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