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Your journey of becoming a musician starts with picking the right instrument that accentuates your vocal abilities. Furtados School of Music is one of the most renowned music schools in India, which aims to revolutionise the scope of music education across the globe. With its commitment to excellence in every aspect of music education, they have curated a wide repertoire of music courses that fuel its musical aspirations.

We offer students with specialised music training in the following instruments;

Guitar courses:

Our guitar courses aim at creating a versatile performer, an artist who is well-equipped with various styles and techniques that enables them to stand out in a crowd of competing musicians. Our community of experienced musicians will ease them into learning advanced concepts, as they gradually develop their unique style as a musician. Students will begin to demonstrate strong command over various harmonic and melodic concepts, sight-reading skills, along with mastering the art of solo and ensemble performances. On progressing through their musical training, students will expand their creative horizons and establish their own ease and comfort while performing different genres of music; which include jazz, blues, rock, funk, and various other dynamic styles.

Keyboard courses:

With a world-class music curriculum designed by experienced educators and professional performers, our dynamic bunch of students is provided with relentless learning opportunities in the comfort of their own homes. Discover new learning experiences, as you cover various artistic techniques and chord progressions that will enable you to absorb complex techniques with great ease. With the right keyboard techniques and efficient musicianship, they will eventually transition into an excellent performer with a wide range of techniques and styles in their arsenal. Right from introducing them to minor and major scales to incorporating various aspects of music theory in their performances, students learn to play the keyboard with great finesse.

Drums courses:

Be a part of one of the most vibrant communities online, as you surround yourself with a bunch of experienced artists who unfurl the possibilities behind the drums. As you learn the right hand and foot techniques from expert drummers who fuel your passion and love for music, you will witness growth in different areas of your life, By instilling a musical cadence within you, our drumming lessons will bring your vibrant personality to life, as you continue to engage with you music lessons in the comfort of your own home. Truly an exciting adventure for every musically inclined student, which opens doors of opportunity for them at a personal as well as professional level.

Violin courses:

An instrument that truly captures the essence of classical music, the violin is the right fit for every aspiring musician. Being a very popular instrument, it can be intricately assimilated into a wide variety of musical styles and genres. Our violin classes create an enriching learning experience for every passionate musician, by weaving its graceful melodies in their soulful performances. It adds artistic finesse and clarity in every performance, by bringing their love for music to life. Jazz, classical, rock and roll, and various other fascinating genres are enhanced with the touch of the violin. Students will bring more life and energy to their performances by playing the violin, which never fails to enliven the show!

Piano courses:

Nurture your love for music, as you learn the fundamentals of music theory with our ensemble of spirited mentors who dedicate their time and energy to curating engaging lessons for you. By covering different aspects of major and minor tonalities, chord scales, and chord progressions, students are provided with a holistic learning experience. As we strengthen your overall foundation, students will begin to play with more ease and refinement which will enhance their performances.

Thus, we create an engaging musical experience for our students with our specialised music training courses.

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