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FSM’s showcase page celebrates the musical journey of our students through a collection of captivating videos featuring performances of students in various events – recitals, annual day celebrations, and Band_IT (Interschool Band Competition), among others.

This space stands as a tall testament to the unmatched talent, relentless artwork, and timeless passion of our creatively agile students. In addition to mesmerizing performances, we give you a glance at our learning-in-class videos where you can catch our students mastering music theory, learning to play various instruments, and honing their performance skills, all under the expert guidance of our instructors.

We believe music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and linguistic barriers. The page reflects our vision and how we are progressing to build a community of artists, taking one musical step at a time.

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Band-It Festival 2022 shouts-out to all the young talented musicians to battle at India’s Largest Interschool Music Competition. Over the previous editions, the event has witnessed an impressive turnout of more than 5000 students from 6 major cities in India. As the event enters its 6th year, it continues to provide a national platform for young students to showcase their talents and gain valuable exposure.

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