FSM The Provider Of Instrumental Melody

Whether you’re leisurely walking on a footpath or waiting for your usual bus, listening to the soothing tones of instrumental music, always leaves you feeling jittery and calm at the same time. Music is truly what makes us who we are, our personal tastes and preferences when it comes to music, speak volumes about the ways in which we embrace the world around us. Truly a liberating experience, it makes you draw a veil over your troubles and worries and allows you to soak in the beauty of life one step at a time.

At Furtados School of Music, we welcome every ardent learner with open arms, by extending the joy of learning music in their lives. We believe that music has the power to change the world, by positively influencing every individual with its compelling tunes. Furtados School of Music is a hub of learning opportunities, as we invigorate your musical sensibilities and provide you with a platform to discover your true passion and love for music. Instrumental melody is something that placates us and surrounds us with warmth and love. It is truly said that, “Music is a world within itself, it’s a language we all understand.” Our music resonates with each and every individual, it is something that allows us to hope for a better future, something that strengthens our spirits and continues to reassure us when the situation seems bleak.

By embracing these empowering aspects of music, we extend learning opportunities in various musical avenues. From providing students with vocal training to allowing them to learn the art of playing a musical instrument, we appease their emotional needs. As students passionately engage with their music lessons, they find a creative outlet for themselves which allows them to freely express themselves and validate their emotions. By producing whimsical melodies, children feel more intune with themselves, as they passionately chase their musical dreams and aspirations in the comfort of their home. Our music courses are an enriching learning experience for every music enthusiast, which gives them the artistic freedom to experience every single emotion. Just like we use words to express ourselves, instrumental tunes of music pierces right through our exterior selves and allows us to feel and experience our emotions in a healthy space.

Here are a few of our music courses that allows students to produce instrumental melodies:

The Violin

The violin is one of the most popular musical instruments, that caters to a variety of musical styles and genres. It has created its own imprint on diverse musical genres such as jazz, classical, rock and roll, soft rock, and baroque music. Its graceful melodies casts a spell on every passionate listener with great ease, as they are filled with complete awe and wonder with its soulful tunes. Our violin classes are an ideal opportunity for every aspiring musician to explore their true love and passion for music. Learning the violin will ease them into the grandiose world of music, which will never cease to amaze and inspire them for years to come.

The Piano 

The piano is truly a versatile instrument, that covers a diverse range of musical tunes that are featured in the orchestra. Its ability to incorporate various melodies and chord progressions is what makes it unique from the rest. Truly a phenomenal instrument, that perfectly captures the essence of music with its instrumental melody. Our guitar classes provide every musician with a rewarding learning experience, that captivates their interests that fuels their passion for learning music.

The Guitar

One of the most flamboyant instruments, the guitar brings life to every musical composition with its upbeat tracks. Truly the center of all musical concerts, the guitar offers indisputable pleasure to every music lover. The guitar can be finger-picked, strummed, or played with a combination of several techniques that adds a touch of versatility to the instrument. Our guitar courses create an euphoric rush for every talented artist, as they browse over different genres and styles that center around the guitar.

Thus, being the hub of instrumental melody, Furtados School of Music continues to fill our hearts and minds with inspiration and vivacity!

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