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FSM A School That Is Essence Of Music

“Music is the soundtrack of your life”, keeping these words in mind, at Furtados School of Music we live and breath music in everything we do! We believe in the power of music that unfolds diverse opportunities in various creative avenues. From elevating your hidden talents, to bringing your passion for music to life we surround you with the joy of relentless learning, that comes with its own share of exciting experiences for every passionate musician.

The best experiences in life always come in twos! From stimulating a child’s creative instincts to giving them a headstart to pursue their dreams and aspirations, Furtados School of Music, has evolved to be one of the best music schools in the country, with its wellrounded approach towards music education. We unleash the creative potential of each and every avid learner, as we continue to bridge the gap between music and learning opportunities. The gift of music is something that stays with a child for the rest of their life, a learning experience that accentuates their intellect and sows seeds of curiosity and a consistent desire to learn and grow into promising individuals! Truly a gift for a lifetime, at Furtados School of Music we have imparted the unparalleled joy of learning with every musically inclined student, ny extending learning opportunities in diverse creative avenues.

By creating a very distinctive brand identity, Furtados has sowed its visionary seeds in diverse educational ventures, as it continues to uplift passionate learners with every creative initiative. Every child is naturally gifted with immense talent, and by honing their creative abilities we aspire to drive them towards the path of excellence.

Here is how our students will benefit from our online music classes;

A community of music experts:

Never a dull moment with our ensemble of spirited and vibrant mentors, who have dedicated their time and energy in curating engaging musical experiences for our students. Students are presented with countless opportunities, to bask in the essence of music as they embrace their love and passion for music in the comfort of their home. They learn from observing their mentors, who walk hand in hand with them throughout their learning journey and nurture their artistic abilities with every step that they take! Every wondered how a bunch of individuals can learn so much from a short-lived experience? At Furtados we makes your dreams seem closer to reality, by giving you a platform to live your musical dream. Our music stays with people forever, and positively shapes and influences their learning experiences.

World class music curriculum:

With a strong focus on academic excellence, many schools and academic institutions have sidelined arts from their academic curriculum, which has hindered a child’s personal growth and development. With our wide range of online music courses, we aspire to implement a rigorous and broad music curriculum, that inspires students to explore their love for music that gradually augments their academic growth. By catering to the intrinsic needs of a child’s creative interests, we form a community of resilient music educators, who have designed a curriculum that caters to the learning needs of each and every student. Students grow into exceptional musicians, with a strong flair for music which reflects in their performances.

Encourages growth in diverse areas of your life:

We passionately believe that every young person should experience the joy of learning a musical instrument, an experience that builds their confidence and transforms them into an artist to reckon with! It helps in elevating their aspirations, by allowing students to believe in themselves and the wonders that they can achieve in all areas of their lives! At Furtados School of Music, we offer students the opportunity to learn their favorite instruments that include the keyboard, guitar, drums, ukulele, and many more exciting instruments! It strengthens their creative passions and rekindles their love for music.

Thus, by encapsulating the true essence of music, we hope to create a musical renaissance, where music empowers people, stirs their creative passions, and opens their minds to a world of possibilities! Truly a life-changing endeavor, that will surely inspire a new generation of musicians.

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