Music School For Kids That Gives Learning With Fun

Have you always loved the thought of learning music?  Imagine surrounding yourself with a community of excellent performers, who share the same passion and love for music, as you participate in a creative exchange with like-minded individuals! It makes learning more gratifying, engaging, and effective, as we inspire the next generation of musicians to chase their dreams and aspirations.

If you are on a hunt for music classes near you for kids, you have come to the right place! Furtados School of music is a one-stop destination for pursuing all your musical interests. From providing music enthusiasts with vocal training to our wide repertoire of instrument courses, we resonate with every musical dream of yours! By unleashing an environment of fun and enthusiasm, we make learning an exhilarating experience that triggers creativity and innovative thinking among young learners. It induces a desire to learn beyond the confines of the four walls of your classroom set up and creates an insatiable yearning for creative growth, that opens doors of opportunities for every talented musician.

Be it your hobby or something you want to pursue for the rest of your life, our music classes nurture every creative instinct within you, creating a euphoric rush in your lives. We reject the traditional ways of learning, by discarding passivity and rote learning among vibrant individuals, who have so much to offer to the world. Our online learning platform extends learning opportunities to every student, by incorporating unique learning experiences with innovative pedagogical tools.

Here is why every music school must strive to create an engaging learning environment for its students;

In today’s fast-paced world, children have begun to collectively reject the previous systems of learning that focus on cramming copious amounts of information, which hampers their learning at a holistic level. It deprives children of the opportunity to experiment with their own ideas and learn through the means of trial and error. It makes learning very mechanical and monotonous and leaves no place for personal errors that impede learning at a broader level. An environment that is based on collaborative interaction between teachers and students, allows children to contemplate their personal learning experiences, as they receive constructive criticism from their mentors. They begin to embrace new experiences, which pushes them out of their comfort zones with expands their creative horizons, and makes learning more enriching. Children look forward to their music lessons every single day, which enhances their curiosity and makes them appreciate the wonderful benefits of learning music.

Here is how Furtados School of Music creates a fun learning environment for every passionate musician; 

We embrace creativity in everything we do, which makes learning fun and enjoyable. Students learn to reject passivity in their musical journey and bring their youthful buoyancy to the learning process which enlivens the overall ambiance. It creates a space for spirited discourse, which leads to delightful experiences in the comfort of their homes. Students learn through invigorating activities and learning techniques, that reject the traditional ways of learning and allows students to be a part of the learning process, rather than passively consuming knowledge. Truly a rewarding experience for every passionate musician, which provides them with a holistic learning experience that caters to their personal growth and development. We believe that every individual is gifted with immense talent and by nurturing their creative abilities in the right manner, we push them towards the path of excellence. They begin to demonstrate more creative flair, as they expand their learning interests.

Truly a wonderful experience for every music enthusiast, Furtados School of Music aspires to create an environment where learning also accounts for fun.

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