Sway Your Violin Playing With Skilled Tutors

From Joshua Bell to Nicola Benedetti, we’ve seen maestros create a spell on their audience with their stellar performances! Truly evergreen and pristine in our memories, these musical prodigies have created a yearning for music in our lives, by inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most exciting things in life, which comes with its own set of challenges and rewards for every passionate musician. Not only does it elevate their hidden talents, but also fosters creativity and innovative thinking among young musicians. Truly a rewarding journey, that brings them closer to their dreams and aspirations. At Furtados School of Music, we work towards fulfilling every child’s musical dreams, by sowing the seeds of endless knowledge and love for music, which reaps great benefits at a later stage in life. Our music courses do wonders for their cognitive development, by enhancing different areas of their lives. By nurturing their passion for music, we open doors of opportunity for every music enthusiast that uplifts them at a personal as well as professional level.

Right from the whimsical tunes of the guitar to the soulful symphonies of the violin, we cover diverse styles and genres of music. Our violin classes are a thrilling adventure for every aspiring musician, which gives them a glimpse of the endless possibilities in the world of music. It is true that some of the most recognisable and renowned works of classical music literature and compositions, such as the masterpieces of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Bach were written for the violin. It intuitively elevates the beauty of every musical rendition, by intrinsically weaving its soulful essence into every musical note. Our violin classes form a very integral part of our vision to provide quality music education to every musically-inclined soul.

If you’ve always wanted to learn the violin but never had the opportunity to learn, now is the right time to pursue your learning aspirations. Here is why you should learn the violin with Furtados School of Music;

An opportunity to learn from skilled tutors: 

It is said that “Violins did not evolve; rather, the behavior of the violin makers evolved.” True in every sense of the word, learning the violin is a beautiful process that changes something within you. It invigorates your senses and makes you appreciate the little things in life. Although it has a steep learning curve, we provide our students with a community of experienced music educators who share their wealth of experience with every passionate learner. We might find plenty of online resources for learning the violin, but nothing compares to the nurturing guidance of a teacher, who provides you with personalized inputs on your performance.

Encourages your passion for music:

No matter if you are an amateur, waddling through your own learning pace or an advanced player looking forward to fine tuning your violin skills, we provide every aspiring musician with a rewarding experience. Our tutors will introduce you to various violin bowing techniques, fingering exercises, different parts of the violin along with a substantial amount of music theory to accelerate your learning journey. Every budding musician finds recluse in our nurturing environment, that caters to their own individual needs and requirements. Our violin classes are designed to stimulate your creativity and push you towards the path of excellence. Although playing the violin might seem tedious in the beginning, it is one of the most rewarding instruments to master.

With every music lesson they take, students begin to feel liberated and one with their dreams. Our community of seasoned musicians, help you chase your musical aspirations by giving you a headstart in your musical journey.

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