Learn To Make Passion Of Drumming Into Perfection

“Music is the beat of a drum that keeps time with our emotions.” True in every sense of the word, the art of drumming is a perfect amalgamation of grace and complexity that dazzles its audience with its upbeat music! Legendary artists like John Bonham and Neil Peart have left their imprint on the soothing melodies of the drums, that revive our spirits and unleash the hidden drummer inside us!

Have you ever had a yearning to perfect the art of playing the drums? Now is the right time to chase your dreams and follow the footsteps of musical prodigies like Keith Moon, as you uncover the relentless passion that resides within you. Furtados School of Music creates a vibrant learning ambiance for every passionate learner, that encourages them to explore the wonders of learning music. Truly a rewarding experience, it provides every aspiring musician with the artistic freedom to design their own learning experience with our community of passionate drummers! Our drum classes are an ideal opportunity for every musician to hone their talents in a highly collaborative learning environment that promotes excellence among every student. From broadening their creative horizons to setting free every ounce of creative instinct in our students, we provide them with a stimulating learning environment that awakens their inner drummer.

Here is how our students will creatively benefit from our drum classes;

An easy transition from a novice to an advanced drummer:

Breathtaking performances by professional musicians have a lasting impact on us, which leaves us tongue-tied and full of awe after watching them own the stage. Such spirited performances always manage to cast a spell on the audience, by captivating our creative instincts and awakening the inner musician in us. Drumming involves a certain amount of complexity and taste, which makes learning the instrument more fun and enjoyable. It is an instrument that cannot be mastered overnight, the only way to get better is to relentlessly practice until you are satisfied with your performance. As you devote your time to learning new patterns and drumming techniques, your performances will seem more effortless and natural. It will ensure a swift transition into an advanced stage of learning, as you begin to demonstrate a certain level of flair and complexity in your performances.

Hone your creative skills: 

A beginner can easily learn popular beats within a short period of time, as they progress towards advanced levels. It is a craft that keeps developing the more time and effort one dedicates to their learning. As you spend time trying to perfect different styles and techniques, you will eventually develop a stronger muscle memory that allows you to learn complex techniques. It adds more ease and precision to your craft, which creates a ‘toolbox’ of skills to draw on while playing the drums. The more you practice, the more intuitive you become as a performer. It makes you feel more connected to your art, as you add more versatility to your skillset and form your own identity as a performer.

Learn from a community of experienced music educators: 


From drumming fundamentals to a diverse repertoire of styles and techniques, there’s always something new to learn. Learning from refined artists will help you build your own solid foundation, as you strengthen your musical career with their expertise. The stronger your basics and your foundation in the fundamentals of rhythm structure are, the more you are determined to succeed in your learning endeavors. By providing students with excellent learning resources, we broaden their creative horizons and boost their confidence. It shapes their learning experiences and provides them with a new perspective towards music.

Thus, students evolve in exceptional ways as they passionately engage with their drum classes.

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