Explore Exciting Career Options in the World of Music

Would you like to build a Career in Music?

So you sing well, or you can play the guitar very well or you are a music enthusiast who lives and breathes music or maybe you have all of the above options deep rooted within you. Well, seems like you have been bitten by the music bug but worry not as it can only do good to you. Often we know we have it within us but we just don’t know where to start. So for the beginners or the experts who are looking for a new start we have compiled a list of career options available in the world of music.

Musician/Performance Artist

The backbones of music industry are the performers. These performers are the people who provide vocals or are the primary musicians. Being a performer requires years of practice and dedication to improve your skills and build a reputation from the scratch.  Music performers may provide vocals, play an instrument, be a part of a band or develop electronic music. There are a wide variety of options available for you in this category.

  • Be an individual vocalist for any music genre or
  • Be a part of a band
  • Music instrument performer in any capacity including brass, percussion, wind, strings or keyboard
  • Composer
  • Conductor

There are several approaches you can use to gain attention in the music industry

If you are above average in your understanding of music and or at least a pro in playing one or more than one music instrument you should try these options.

  • Participate in reality shows
  • Join or start your own band and start performing in small gigs initially. Once you get a hang of it, pretty soon you will be able to compose your own songs.
  • Join some good music classes that organize Orchestra and Live concerts. Be a part of these events even if its chorus.
  • YouTube it – Upload, share and promote your videos.

Music Educator

Your love for music and teaching is a good start for you to become a music educator. As a music educator you can join any music school or start your own music class to teach children and adults to play a musical instrument, learn the history of music and other aspects related to music. You can be a music educator in the following areas.

  • Music schools
  • General music teacher in elementary and secondary schools
  • Band/Choir/Orchestra teacher in an education institute
  • Private music instructor


Music is an integral part of the entertainment business. It draws on people’s attention and keeps them engaged. So once again there are lots of career options available in this area.

  • You can be a Radio Jockey/Video Jockey/Disc Jockey
  • Music editor
  • Music Director
  • Audio Producer
  • Radio or TV promoter for an artist or label

Music Therapist

Why do people listen to music? For some it’s calming and soothing, for some its entertainment, for some its way to pass time but whatever your reasons are the baseline is music does have therapeutic benefits. A music therapist involves their clients in activities that engages their senses which helps build new skills and fosters well being. There are many certificate, diploma and degree courses available by renowned institutes where you can enroll to realize this dream.

The list of careers in music is endless

If you think you are good with words, you can try your hand at  being a Composer or a Song writer. Or you can be a Music journalist or a Music Critic.

There are loads of pre-existing careers in music but if you are a creative soul you can even create a niche of your own in music. All you need is passion and talent and the world will dance to your tunes.

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