How does music help a child keep calm

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that music can be pretty effective in calming us down. People who suffer from stress and anxiety and depression can use music as an excellent outlet to release their emotions. Music is recommended by psychiatrists, doctors and several other medical practitioners. Music has been a part of our culture since ancient times. Music has proven to be very impactful in keeping children calm too. Encouraging your child to get involved in playing a musical instrument can be very helpful in keeping him calm and stress-free. Let’s now discuss the various impacts that getting your child to play a musical instrument can have on his brain and in keeping him calm:

Reduces Anxiety And Hyperactivity In Children

Unfortunately, some children do face the issues of anxiety and hyperactivity. They tend to act out, misbehave, become bullies and exhibit other self-destructive and generally destructive behaviours. Getting such children involved with the regular practice of a musical instrument will help keep their raging and anxious minds under control and will also keep them away from trouble. The focus on the practice of the musical instrument will prevent their minds from wandering towards trouble and destruction.

Lack Of Discipline Can Cause Chaos In A Child’s Mind

If your child has no discipline and is allowed to do as he pleases and run amok, he will only end up having to deal with a confused and chaotic mind. Encouraging your child to practice a musical instrument at a specific time daily will help incorporate a certain amount of discipline in his routine. This discipline will help to keep his mind calm and prevent him from mindlessly watching television or playing video games and just wiling away his time in an unproductive manner.

Keeps The Child Busy And Entertained

A lot of kids tend to get bored during their summer vacations or even after school. Just like an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, an idle and bored child too can be pretty devilish. Not only will the child throw tantrums, but he will also end up disrupting the calm and peace in the home. Enrolling the child in music classes will not only keep him busy and entertained, but it will also keep his mind calm and composed.

Will Improve Social Skills Of The Child

Another reason why taking up a musical instrument is highly recommended is because a child who takes up a musical instrument will develop better social skills. When your child is enrolled in a music class, he will begin to interact with other kids who have the same interest. Even children who face social anxiety will find it easy to make friends because of the common love for playing and mastering the instrument. In fact, therapists and psychiatrists recommend to parents to enrol children with social anxiety in music classes. Not only does this help the child to break out of that sense of anxiousness, but it also makes it easier for him to interact with others.

Helps Children Who Suffer From Lack Of Confidence

There are many children who tend to suffer from lack of confidence. This lack of confidence can create utter and absolute chaos in the mind of the child. Taking up a musical instrument will help the child to feel a sense of accomplishment when he perfects any passage that he had been trying to master for several days. That achievement, however small, will boost the confidence of the child and will help him overcome his general fear and lack of self-confidence.

Improves The Child’s Patience Levels

Every parent has dealt with the impatience that their child exhibits from time to time. An impatient child can be very difficult to deal with. Building and improving the patience levels in the child will only help him in the long run and prevent him from growing into an impatient adult. A patient child will always have a mind that’s much calmer than a child who is constantly throwing tantrums due to his impatience.

Enhances The Creative Side Of The Brain

Another reason why it is recommended for children to take up a musical instrument is that learning a musical instrument enhances the functioning of the creative side of the brain. A child who is creatively active will always remain calmer and more in control of himself. Further, he may even be motivated to undertake more creative hobbies like art or writing and other such skills.

All in all, if you have a child who suffers from anxiety or hyperactivity and other forms of mental illnesses, it is highly recommended that you encourage him to take up a musical instrument. Make it a point that he practices the instrument on a daily basis even on the days that he doesn’t have class. You can keep a track of his progress by asking him to play you the pieces he has learnt on a regular basis.

Music Is Fun – Furtado’s School Of Music
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Your child will become a whole new person within weeks of enrolling into this Music Is Fun class. He will exhibit signs of a calmer mind, he will be more creative, he will be able to battle social anxiety better and so on. Don’t waste time and inquire about this life-changing course for your school’s children today!

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