FSM Annual Training 2023: Innovative Pedagogy for Musical Growth

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The teacher-oriented Annual Training focused on guiding teachers to adopt innovative and new-age teaching practices. 

In the ever-evolving world of education, staying up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity.

Furtados School of Music (FSM) recognizes this and, in its unwavering commitment to providing the best music education, organized its 2023 Annual Training Sessions in Mumbai and Bangalore.

These annual training sessions for FSM teachers across India were a convergence of knowledge, experience, and innovation aimed at equipping the dedicated teachers with new-age and unique music teaching practices.

Empowering Teachers for a Conducive Learning Environment

The core essence of music education lies in the relationship between teachers and learners. FSM’s Annual Training Sessions emphasized creating an environment that nurtures creativity, curiosity, and growth.

The theme of the training revolved around embracing new-age music pedagogy, recognizing that the teaching methods of yesterday might not be sufficient for today’s diverse and dynamic learners.

Embracing Modern Teaching Techniques

The training sessions acted as a bridge between tradition and innovation, as teachers delved into modern teaching techniques. With music being an integral part of the digital age, the training highlighted the significance of integrating technology into the learning process.

Workshops demonstrated how to leverage interactive apps, online resources, and virtual collaborations to make learning both engaging and effective. By marrying traditional musical wisdom with modern tools, teachers were empowered to tailor their approach to the unique needs of each student.

Leveraging Engaging Tools for Immersive Experiences

One of the highlights of the training was the exploration of engaging tools that can transform music lessons into immersive experiences. FSM’s one-of-a-kind SaaS-based music program for schools provides world-class music training to students using digital tools and the FSM app. The teachers were equipped with the know-how of SaaS-based music teaching and how to create conducive settings for learners.

By engaging multiple senses and making music come alive, these tools help foster a deeper connection between the students and the art form.

Cultivating a Harmonious Learning Atmosphere

The Annual Training Sessions weren’t just about adopting new tools but about creating a harmonious atmosphere that nurtures musical and personal growth. The teachers shared their experience and journey working with FSM and how their musical passion transformed to new heights whilst working with India’s esteemed music institute.

Teachers explored techniques to encourage collaboration, communication, and creativity within their classrooms. By fostering a sense of community and mutual respect, teachers can create an environment where learners feel safe to express themselves and take risks.

Furtados School of Music’s Annual Training 2023 wasn’t just a one-time event; it was a catalyst for lasting change in music education. By equipping its teachers with innovative pedagogical approaches, FSM is ensuring that its students receive an education that’s not only relevant but also inspiring.

The convergence of tradition and innovation, along with the emphasis on creating a conducive learning environment, ensures that FSM’s learners don’t just play music; they embrace it with passion, curiosity, and a desire to explore new horizons.

As the echoes of the training sessions continue to resonate, one thing is clear: FSM is not just shaping musicians; it’s shaping the future of music education itself. Through its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the growth of both teachers and students, FSM is setting a benchmark for music education that goes beyond the classroom and into the hearts of its learners.


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