Hindustani Vocals The Music as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Over the years, music has evolved to be an integral part of Indian culture that perfectly encapsulates its rich cultural heritage and the glories of its unsung past. As we unravel the history of its rich cultural heritage, we witness the beauty of its soulful tunes that perfectly form the essence of its classical music. Offen allegorized as “the food of the soul”, classical music symbolizes the remarkable diversity found among various cultures and their ethnicity. It perfectly interweaves various facets of diverse traditions and customs into one soulful melody which has left its own imprint within the cultural roots of Indian society.

At Furtados School of Music, we embrace this timeless form of art by creating a platform for every classical music enthusiast. Our Hindustani music classes are a great opportunity for every aspiring learner to witness the beauty of the rich cultural grandeur of classical music. We truly believe that through our enriching pedagogy, students will be able to scale great heights that will bring them closer to their cultural roots and traditions. As we fiercely extol the greatness of our Indian heritage, we also believe that music being the language of the soul is the perfect way to form an everlasting bond with your cultural roots. It is a journey of self-discovery that inspires you to chase after your dreams and aspirations and at the same time, it allows you to connect with your own roots. As you completely immerse yourself in the grandiose world of classical music, it will awaken your inner creative instincts that will sharpen your creativity and add a sense of refinement to your art.

What is unique about our Hindustani music classes?

  • With a legacy of 150 years in the music industry, we provide our young learners with the finest of music educators who share their passion for classical music. With their newly found expertise, students will blossom into refined artists with a strong passion for music that will continue to nurture their minds for the rest of their lives.
  • Truly a process of creative awakening, that provides every student with an opportunity to express themselves through music. As they find their own creative outlet, students are inspired to share their own stories and experiences with the world. It transforms them into confident performers with a strong flair for creativity.
  • As students passionately engage with their Hindustani music classes, they are introduced to a wide range of vocal techniques and exercises that add a touch of versatility to their vocal repertoire. It enhances their learning experiences by stimulating their thinking and allowing them to view the world through a cultural lens. It adds more color to their life, as they find meaning in the smallest details which uplifts their spirits and adds more vibrancy to their lives.
  • Our courses are designed around the creative needs and requirements of all our students, which allows them to reach their desired level of artistic proficiency in a short period of time. Their learning outcomes are monitored by maestros in the field of classical music, who provide our students with a life-changing experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Thus, we believe that classical music is truly an intangible part of our Indian culture that speaks volumes of its greatness. Truly one of the most enriching experiences that contributes to the growth and development of every individual. Thus, as classical music continues to permeate all aspects of cultural life, it leaves a visible trace in our lives.

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