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Do you remember that distinct voice that echoed in every school choir? Truly made us wonder if music is something that we’re inherently born with, an innate talent that keeps burgeoning into a full-fledged skillset when nurtured with utmost care. Over time, we come across many young minds who are naturally inclined to music from a very young age. Right from remembering melodies to exhibiting fondness towards learning musical instruments in preschool, tapping rhythmically to every beat of music around them as they begin humming every musical note, one can witness a child’s passion for music at a very tender age.

Parents play a very important role in their child’s life by acknowledging their interests and passions in their formative years. The gift of music is something that keeps giving and never ceases to exist. By sowing the seeds of creativity among young impressionable minds, parents create a nurturing environment for their children by allowing them to experience the beauty of music. Furtados School of Music is one such visionary enterprise, that recognizes the true talents and aspirations of every young learner. Through our music class, we extend learning opportunities in different areas of music education. We believe that every child is capable of achieving extraordinary feats in their lives and through our online learning platform we bring them one step closer to fulfilling their musical dreams and aspirations.

Here is how our music class will benefit every music enthusiast;

Provides students with an opportunity to hone their musical talents: 

From providing students with opportunities to master a diverse range of musical instruments to providing them with vocal training in the domain of Indian classical music as well as western genres of music, we embrace an all-encompassing approach to music education at Furtados School of Music. The world of music unfolds a broad spectrum of diverse opportunities for learning, that collectively nurture your creative abilities. Various indicators of precocious musical talent such as the ability to identify the right pitch, and to sing with rhythmic accuracy that reverberates your strong passion for music, are identified through our music class. By introducing students to various musical techniques and genres, students also display an ability to learn and express themselves through rote methods, such as recognition and imitation. They find inspiration in their surroundings and are consistently encouraged to explore different musical possibilities with every note and rhythm that they come across.

Provides students with a nurturing environment:

Unlike any other skill, learning music is something that gains refinement with time and exposure. Although a child’s passion for music is one of the most discerning factors that contribute to his growth as a musician, early intervention and mentoring from experienced music educators help a child in realizing their true musical potential. It is true that exceptional musical abilities are often acquired through a stimulating environment, that creates optimal learning conditions for young learners. Along with them, secondary factors such as adequate learning resources, extensive factors such as consistent support from parents and mentors go a long way in ensuring an optimal learning environment for every student. As a child naturally begins to develop creative instincts in their formative years, it is essential for parents to expose their child to a variety of music that entails diverse tones and pitches, which will provide children with the ability to recognize the differences in music. Such holistic development will help children in honing their inborn talents and demonstrate a flair for creativity.

Opportunities to improve your musical proficiency:

Although the initial stages of a child’s development are considered to be integral for developing their musical and spatial abilities, there is no pre-determined method to gain expertise. It comes after years of persistent efforts and rigorous training, that helps you in refining your skills. Learning music is a consistent journey of enriching experiences that continues to nurture your abilities as you grow older. Truly a rewarding experience, that caters to their growth as a musician and inspires them to explore their passion for music in the comfort of their home.

Thus, our music class inspires the growth of every ardent learner, by opening their eyes to the rich artistic grandeur of the world of music.

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