Money spent on music classes never attended

“Knowledge of music is like that mighty ocean formed with small raindrops accumulated over a period of time through water flowing from mountains and rivers – finally ending their journey into the sea.”
This edition is dedicated to the money that was spent on the music classes which I never attended. As a grownup I look back at a lot of things and wish that they never happened or wish they happened. One such thing I wish is my parents should have forced me a lot harder to attend the music classes.
For as long as I remember now I have been a music lover. I love to listen to music. But it’s not the same as learning to play a music instrument. It’s the lively act of bringing sounds to life that delivers the biggest benefit.
I grew up to realize that learning to play a musical instrument from childhood really comes packed with a wide array of benefits. I have compiled a list of wonders music lessons can bring into your life.

Increased spatial intelligence
Spatial intelligence is an ability that indicates visual thinking. Research and studies have shown that when music students break down and synthesize how a piece of music is composed, their ability for spatial intelligence significantly increases because they begin to envision where the piece is going as it is being played. This spatial intelligence is a key factor in strengthening mathematic reasoning ability.

Improves motor skills
Playing a musical instrument requires expert hand-eye-ear coordination. Due to the constant practice of maintaining this coordination the motor skills of an individual are heightened, which translates into other areas of life as well.

Elevates mental health
Studies have revealed that fiddlers, saxophonists, keyboardists and other instrumentalists have more focus and they are less prone to aggression, depression and anger than non-musicians. Creating music tends to prime their brains for heightened emotional control and concentration.

Magnifies memory
People with music training also develop a good verbal memory – they remember spoken words very easily. Creating music also seems to boost working memory – the ability to temporarily store and use information that helps you with reasoning, learn or complete a complex task.
Music also fosters math and science ability and tunes an individual’s out of the box thinking. With the amount of research being done every day in the field of music the benefits keep adding in the list every day.

These benefits of learning to play music can come very easily to you, if you start at very early age. However when it comes to learning music, it’s never too late.
I have to admit that I realized this a bit late, but then again it’s never too late to start. So last year I enrolled myself for Guitar classes. I could see the kids in the same batch as me picking up the lessons faster than I could but I never could lose sight of the fact that I am enjoying these sessions thoroughly. I don’t aim to play in a concert or join a band. I am doing it for myself and I am enjoying it thoroughly. After all its music!! How can you not.

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