Join the Vibrant Voices Seniors Youth Choir at Furtados School of Music!

Unleashing Your Musical Potential: Join the Vibrant Voices Seniors Youth Choir at Furtados School of Music!

Are you a music enthusiast with a passion for singing? Do you believe in the transformative power of choral harmony? Furtados School of Music (FSM) invites you to be a part of our Vibrant Voices Seniors Youth Choir, a community that celebrates the joy of music and the art of singing.

Discover Your Musical Potential:

Whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or someone who has always wanted to explore their singing talents, our Youth Choir offers a nurturing environment to unleash your musical potential. At FSM, we firmly believe that age is no barrier to discovering the magic of your voice. Embrace the opportunity to sing your heart out and embark on an inspiring musical journey with like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Joining a Youth Choir:

Joining our Youth Choir goes beyond just singing; it opens doors to a multitude of benefits that can positively impact your life:

  1. Building Confidence: As you improve your vocal skills under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll witness a boost in your self-assurance, both on and off the stage. Singing with a group fosters a sense of accomplishment that empowers you to shine.
  2. Camaraderie and Friendship: The Youth Choir is not just a choir; it’s a close-knit family of music enthusiasts. Experience the joy of collaborating with others, forging lasting friendships, and creating beautiful music together.
  3. Musical Expression: Choral music allows you to explore a diverse range of emotions and expressions. Be it Indian or Western classics, contemporary favourites, or cultural melodies, our repertoire has something for everyone.
  4. Enhancing Vocal Skills: Our Choir Training program focuses on refining your vocal technique, breath control, pitch accuracy, and harmonization, making you a more versatile and skilled singer.
  5. Personal Growth: Singing in a choir nurtures discipline, dedication, and teamwork, shaping your character and equipping you with valuable life skills.

A Vibrant Choral Community at FSM:

The Vibrant Voices Seniors Youth Choir at FSM is not just about singing; it’s about creating cherished memories, exploring your passion for music, and performing at various events and concerts. Whether you’re a part of our online sessions or join us at one of our 10 centres across India, you’ll experience the essence of true musical camaraderie.

Join Us Today:

If you’re ready to embrace the transformative power of choral harmony and unleash your singing passion, come and be a part of the Vibrant Voices Seniors Youth Choir at Furtados School of Music. Discover the joy of musical expression, build lasting connections, and experience the magic of singing together.

Enroll now and embark on an enriching journey that celebrates the harmony within each voice and the harmony that binds us all as a musical family.

Unleash your vibrant voice at FSM – Your musical adventure awaits!


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