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Music Theory Classes for Beginners to Professionals

Interpreting the flow of an innovative music theory course does not necessarily begin with the theoretical part. At our music theory class for beginners, we believe that it all starts with an inherent urge for musical expressions. The spontaneous soul calling ultimately directs an individual to sing or pick up an instrument.

Take this first step to register with our music theory classes. Learning to read sheet music fluently just as you would read a book is a very special achievement that you perfect via our music theory certification. However, before proceeding to the musical signature aspects, our music theory training focuses on a strong foundation of understanding notes (the flat & the sharp), scales (the major & the minor), and their interrelation in the expression of octaves.

At our music theory school, you practically learn all of these. The music theory lessons are complete with classroom studies on vital aspects such as the circle of fifths or the circle of fourths. The music theory tuition also includes specific lessons in various formats such as Indian & Western classical, Jazz, Rock, and Pop. People inquiring about proper music theory classes for their kids have come to the right place!

Theory of music is an essential element of music learning irrespective of genre or level of advancement. Be it a classical musician, pop artist, rocker or anyone learning music just for fun, music theory is an integral part of the development process. This course is not specific to any musical instrument and covers rudiments of music and music fundamentals which can be applied to your learning of any musical more


The course aligns very closely with the Trinity College London Theory of Music curriculum. It begins with basic rudiments in western music theory and journeys over detailed elements in rhythm, harmony, pitch, progression, composition, orchestration, and more. It also introduces Music History and Music Appreciation which aids in understanding music intellectually and also exposes the student to different styles and eras of music.

Structure / Duration:

The Curriculum is structured in progressive levels of difficulty and also makes you eligible for formal exams of Trinity College London.

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