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You must have seen a mother calm a baby by singing a song or playing music on a toy xylophone or a piano. That’s the effect music has on everyone and especially children. There are numerous studies which prove time and again that introduction of music from a very early age in a child’s life will enhance and accelerate brain and cognitive development of a child. read more

A comprehensive & structured music curriculum in pre-school and day cares in this developmental period will help cultivate the musical gift in every young child. In an effort to make this happen, Furtados School of Music has designed a revolutionary program called MUSIC IS FUN. We partner with pre-schools and day-cares to help them provide their children the best in early music education. MUSIC IS FUN is a unique curriculum designed to provide classroom music instruction to very young children in a fun & engaging manner. We have partnered with leading music expert Ann Bryant to bring this award winning music pedagogy to India.

  • We provide training to the existing pre-school teachers and execute the programme as per the school requirements. We also conduct half yearly reviews & teacher assessment.
  • The only infrastructure requirement is a computer & SmartBoard/ Projector Screen and Internet Access to run the programme.
  • We offer the programme to preschools on a 3-year license basis.
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Our Curriculum:

  • Listening & Music Appreciation
  • Singing
  • Playing of Simple Instruments
  • Movement to Music
  • Developing an understanding of Beat & Rhythm
  • Musical concept at an early age including notations

Performance Ability:

At FSM, it won’t just be about learning all the time. With all the music lessons that we provide, we also want our children to showcase this learning and knowledge. We present various opportunities for the children to perform during recitals and the annual concert.



Learning music at an early age helps develop language and reasoning skills in children. It promotes craftsmanship and students learn with an urge to create good work instead of mediocrity. Eventually this desire percolates down to other aspects of learning too. An enjoyable and creative subject like music keeps the children interested and engaged in school which helps towards their overall engagement. We offer a holistic music education to K-12 students through an internationally acclaimed & structured music curriculum.

Our Course Curriculum includes:

  • Instrument Specialisation (which includes piano, guitar, keyboards, drums, violin & recorder)
  • Vocals (using the Kodaly method
  • Theory of Music
  • History of Music
  • Based on the interest and inclination of the students we also prepare students for globally accredited examination boards including Trinity College, London.

What we are offering:

  • Well-trained and qualified music teachers are provided by FSM to execute the program; which rules out any Human Resource related issues for the school.
  • All infrastructure including pianos, guitars, etc. are provided by FSM without any cost to the school. Each child has access to his own individual instrument during class.
  • The progress of each child is tracked and assessed; and the same is communicated to the school management and parents on a periodic basis
  • We provide children with the opportunity to perform via annual recitals
  • We organise live performances by established artistes to give exposure and motivation to the students.
  • We provide regular updates to the parent community on music & education.

Managed by FSM

  • Performance-based curriculum focused on instrument learning skills

  • Opportunity to progress further by taking performance examinations, individual instrumental lessons, and participating in our numerous concerts and recitals.

  • Solution to set up the Complete Music Lab

  • Built-in Teaching videos

  • Practise at home enabled with FSM AI solutions

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