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Shastriya Sangeet or as we call it these days Hindustani Vocals is the backbone of Indian classic music. Based on the “raga” system Hindustani Music is one of the oldest and popular form of music originated in India.

In our attempt to keep in line with this ancient tradition of Hindustani Music, Furtados school of Music has introduced a brand new course called Sangeet is Fun. (Hindustani Vocals). The course has been designed, developed, and conceptualized with the aim of imparting the teachings of Hindustani Vocals with a tinge of fun element included which makes the learning enjoyable for our students.

While developing the course we kept in mind that fact that we will have to use a contemporary approach in the course, and at the same time we had to remember that the technique has to be traditional. So we developed a unique approach in which we have incorporated the traditional approach and the proven pedagogy of western music techniques and styles of teaching.

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In our Sangeet is Fun course, the learning is fun and engaging through which the students are introduced to the tools and techniques that would help strengthen their vocal foundation and learn Hindustani Vocals. Throughout the course we maintain focus on teaching the students significant knowledge about their chosen subject – a factor which is missed quite often these days.

Our Curriculum is designed in a simplified manner and is very methodical. It includes:

Through this curriculum we want to ensure that we don’t just plant a seed of talented Hindustani singers but also encourage them to become a composer or a lyricist.


By the end of this course our students would know/ have touched upon —

The 10 Thaats

Our teachers for this course are trained into Hindustani Vocals and have years of experience into Hindustani Vocals. They are well equipped to guide you through every step of your Hindustani vocals journey.

We understand that singing is not just an art in itself but it is also a performing art. And that is why, in our Hindustani Vocals courses we give emphasis on overall development of students by teaching them Hindustani Vocals and guiding them to open up their ‘music personalities’. We aim to make our students better singers and stellar performers through - our teaching, our specially created songs (exclusively created for this curriculum) and our High Jam sessions!

Hindustani Vocals is immortalized by legends such as Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Kishori Amonkar, Pt. Jasraj and so many more maestros. We at Furtados school of music are going to continue this legacy left behind by these great people, by building a stepping stone for our students.

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