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Our vision is to make quality music education accessible to every individual – young and old, while making the learning fun-filled, joyous and memorable.

Furtados name is synonymous with music in India. Established in 1865, Furtados has influenced music making at all levels – be it the import and distribution of leading brands of musical instruments, its retails network of 21 stores across the more

its award winning website provides support to teachers, musicians and students across genres and geographies. It prides itself as being the first to import musical instruments after the opening up of the Indian economy in the early 1990s and continues to maintain its leadership role in providing musical instruments, accessories and printed music to the music loving community in India.The directors of Furtados play a pivotal role in steering FSM towards its success.

Furtados School of Music (FSM) was founded in July, 2011, with a vision to make quality music education accessible to children and individuals, young and old, making the entire learning process fun-filled, joyous and memorable. read more

Today, FSM spans 45 points of presence across schools and centres, imparting music education to over 25,000 students. The diverse ages of our students as young as 4 years old to septuagenarians are testimony to the ability, dedication and passion of our teachers.  Our educators and instructors, the beating heart of FSM, are a diverse mix of experienced youth from across India and the globe. They are highly motivated and passionate about teaching. Apart from being qualified musicians, they are extensively trained to impart an enjoyable and exhilarating musical experience on a consistent basis.

The roster of instruments and programmes are constantly expanding and currently extend to Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin and Vocal. Special emphasis is also given to Music Theory and Musical knowledge to ensure the comprehensive development of a student and eventual musician.

Integral to FSM’s success has been its uncompromising philosophy of a world-class curriculum. Courses and programmes have been specifically designed by leading educators from across the world. Emphasis has been given to include modern and effective methods of teaching using the latest techniques and technologies but not forgetting the important and essential elements of traditional music learning.

Some strings bind,
some set you free.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams’
- Arthur O’Shaughnessy

The leading ladies behind Furtados School of Music have taken the words of O’Shaughnessy quite literally and stand tall and true towards their passion of bringing music to every individual and are the backbone of Furtados School of Music.

Behind every great vision there are great minds lurking. Tanuja Gomes and Dharini Upadhyaya are the leading ladies behind the vision of Furtados School of music. Both ladies have led their past lives as bankers gaining a collective experience of 28 years in Banking and Finance.

Tanuja has earned her MBA from the prestigious NMIMS, with 16 years of total experience working with blue-chip companies such as HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Barclays. Her vision for FSM earned her the Goldman Sachs’ Woman Entrepreneurship Award, run by ISB, Hyderabad. Tanuja is an eloquent person who is also a great leader. She goes looking for challenges in every aspect of life, whether its scaling mountains or achieving new heights in her career or following up with her passion for music with Furtados School of Music.

A music lover, Dharini has successfully combined her strengths to become an entrepreneur with a difference. An arts and MBA graduate from Pune University, Dharini comes with 12 years of experience in the banking industry. She has worked as the Head of Investment & Premier Banking at Barclays Bank and has also worked with ICICI Bank and DBS. There was a time when Dharini aspired to start music schools all over the country that will symbolize quality and consistency and rich curriculum where children will inherit a life of joy by learning music. Now her aspirations have got wings and are soaring new heights.

The Backstage Artists


Uday Shetty

It’s hard to keep up with him. It’s harder not to. He’s not your average ad guy, he’s not your average CEO. He’s not your average anything. Meet him once and you’re hooked. Is it the incisive insights, the wit, the drive or the energy? As CEO of Cornerstone Communications, Uday brings with him over two decades of ad industry experience from headliner agencies like Trikaya, O&M and Folklore. Brand experience is his pet peeve. He seeks it everywhere… in an off –the- map restaurant across the world and in the coffee shop down the road. He now seeks it in the corridors of Furtado. Like he says, the brand can’t be a one hit wonder, it has to be a timeless classic.


Vijay Jain

Diamonds are this man’s best friend. It’s an occupational hazard he’s happy to live with. As Co-founder and Director of one of India’s premier jewellery brand, Vijay Jain knows diamonds better than any woman. It’s not a mantle he wears lightly. His career path that has traversed varied fields – luxury retail, digital e commerce, investment banking, M&A, is checkered with enviable milestones. It is perhaps safe to say, Orra is the largest feather in his well -weathered cap. Google recently selected the brand for a case study. When he’s not in front of an audience speaking at various forums like FICCI, India Retail Forum, Google and Harvard Business School you’ll find him behind a camera lens wooing his other love, photography.


Siamack Zahedi

He’s invested in India’s most promising asset. 10 years, 20 schools, 70,000 students. It’s a report card any educationist would be proud of. Siamack Zahedi is the Founder and Managing Director of A2Q Education LLP – an education consultancy that provides support to a diverse set of clients. He’s also associated with formal and informal educational initiatives across rural and urban India. He’s got a Master’s degree in Education (Ed.M.) from Columbia University and is the founding principal of two schools. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also currently pursuing Doctorate in Education degree (Ed.D) from John Hopkins University. As an investor In FSM, there’s a lot we can learn from him.

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